A Day at Butler’s Orchard

A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I visited Butler’s Orchard in Maryland. I was excited to visit the farm because I had been researching photos on the farm to find inspiration for our shoot. Although I am definitely a city girl, I had a great time playing around on the farm and the tractors. Dress – Amazon | Boots – Similar | Hat – Similar The best thing about this dress is that it’s under $20 and it has pockets. It also comes in 17 different colors and will definitely be a dress I will order again. Amazon for the win! A little flowers to brighten this dreary day… Wine is clearly going to be a color that I wear a lot of this winter. Everything I seem to buy lately is wine colored. I can’t seem to get enough of it. What colors are you feeling this season?

My Personal Style

Around October of last year, I started thinking about what I wanted to do differently for the blog in 2016. I knew I wanted to dabble in the style and fashion side of blogging, but being the shy person that I am, I hate drawing attention to myself. I also hate being in front of the camera, unless I’m taking selfies. However, since 2017 is all about stepping outside of my comfort zone, I decided to proceed with the idea. I’ll be sharing my first style post this week, but before I do, I wanted to give you a little info about my personal style and taste. HOW WOULD I CLASSIFY MY STYLE? My style honestly depends on my mood or the occasion. One day I will wake up ready to slay the day and be super fashionable. Other days (like today), I am so tired, I throw on anything…