This post was originally posted in 2015 on my old blog and I wanted to repost it here, so I can do a recap very soon.

Have you heard of the Day Zero Project? Day Zero started out with this challenge of doing 101 things in 1001 days. The originators figured that rather than starting a New Year’s Resolution or a Bucket List and not sticking to it, 1001 days is a better timeframe to actually accomplish goals without too much procrastination setting in.

I LOVE the idea, but let’s be real 1001 days amounts to 2.75 years. 2.75 Really? Can’t we just round up?  So I did. But not to 3 years.

When this post was originally written, I was 35 and a little more than 4 years away from 40. That meant I had 1,614 days or 230 weeks and 4 days until my 40th birthday. Instead of just coming up with 101 goals, I decided to try to come up with at least 140. Then after writing them all down and counting them up, I ended up with 161 goals.

So here is my countdown to 40. My Not So 101 in 1,001 Days. My 161 in 1,614 Days. 

                                                                        Start Date: August 27, 2015

 End Date: January 27, 2020



1. Get stamps in my very unstamped passport

2. London, England

3. Paris, France

4. Havana, Cuba

5. Take a family vacation

6. Go camping in New England (Maine preferably)

7. Rome and Venice, Italy

8. Santa Monica

9. San Diego

10. Hawaii

11. Costa Rica

12. Amalfi Coast

13. Wine tasting in Napa Valley

14. Greece

15. Croatia

16. 3 States I’ve Never Been to (I’ve been to 28 so far)

17. Road trip across the country

For Fun

18. Attend a New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium

19. Visit the Patriots training camp

20. Go to an NHL game

21. Learn how to play golf

22. Go see a Broadway show in NYC

23. Sing karaoke in a bar (just once)

24. Fly in a private plane

25. Join the mile high club #dontjudgeme

26. Ride on an elephant.

27. Take a selfie with a giraffe.

28. Participate in a flash mob.

29. Take horseback riding lessons.

30. Learn calligraphy.

31. Tour a winery

32. Tour a brewery.


33. Try a lobster roll. (I usually like my lobster sans bread)

34. Get over my fear of the way injera looks and try it.

35. Make authentic paella.

36. Make homemade pasta

37. Create the perfect salted caramel cheesecake.

38. Create another cookbook with my mom.

39. Drink more champagne/mimosas.

40. Make my own pho.

41. Make homemade oreos.

42. Create a spicy summer roll.

43. Learn to eat with chopsticks.

44. Learn how to properly cook and flip an omelet.

45. Create my list of Top 10 Meal Prep Recipes



46. Attend the Kentucky Derby.

47. Go to the Texas and New York State Fairs

48.Host a brunch for my friends

49. Plan a 40th Anniversary party for my parents.

50. Host a bloggers’ brunch. Who doesn’t love champagne? I mean mimosas.

51. Host/plan an event for entrepreneurs

52. Host a tea party

53. Host a beer tasting

54. Attend my 20 year High School Reunion


55. Lose 25 pounds by March 27, 2016

56. Consistently going to the gym 3-4 days a week for two weeks and then continuing that in the weeks and months to follow.

57. Run a mile without any walking and then

58. Run without walking a 5K and then

59. Train for a half-marathon

60. Complete a half-marathon (eek!! Sounds scary just saying it.)

61. Try SoulCycle when it opens 3 blocks from my job

62. Learn how to swim

63. Drink at least 1/2 gallon of water a day.

64. Don’t eat chocolate for a week. (makes me sad just thinking about it)

65. Do a split (working on it)

66. Build up to a 3-minute plank. (I was going to say 5 mins, but who wants to plank for that long?)

67. Purchase a fitness band

68. No eating out for 2 weeks straight


69. Write a letter to myself in 10 years.

70. Send thinking of you cards to friends I’ve lost touch with

71. Learn how to swim

72. Map out my family tree with my grandfather

73. Create a 72-hour kit.

74. Get to an intermediate level with my Spanish.

75. Keep my room clean for a month

76. Complete my bachelor’s degree

77. Graduate with at least a 3.60 GPA

78. Be in a loving & satisfying relationship

79. Get married

80. Treat myself to a flower delivery once a month for a year

81. Complete my tattoo project. (sorry mom)

82. Learn how to cornrow

83. Make a list of 100 things I am grateful for.

84. Photo shoot after I’ve reached goal #55

85. Volunteer at a domestic violence center.

86. Write a letter to myself to be opened on my 40th birthday.

87. Find the perfect pink lipstick.

88. Spend one day without any electronics

For the Blog

89. Come up with a consistency plan and then…

90. Stick to the plan and blog consistently for three months.

91. Build a relationship with my favorite hotel brand.

92. Inspire someone else to make their own 101 in 1001 Days list or before I turn 40 list.

93. Attend a few bloggers conferences.

94. Increase blog traffic to 500 page views/day (almost there).

95. Increase blog traffic to 1000 page views/day.

96. Increase blog traffic to 2000 page views/day.

97. Have a new blog template designed

98. Design blog business cards.

99. Have a custom blog template created for me.

100. Update my About Me page.

101. Develop a plan for blog consistency and regular blog post themes.

102. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy.

103. Collaborate with my some of my favorite brands and have sponsored posts.

104. Create my own social link up.

105. Hire a business coach.

106. Host a giveaway.


107. Read the entire bible.

108. Develop and stick to a personal study program

109. Pray every day.

110. Increase my time in the ministry.

111. Preach in Costa Rica.

112. Study the Bible with someone.

113. Learn the words to the new Kingdom Melodies and not sing the songs the old way.

114. Nighttime witnessing.

115. Complete my emergency kit.



116. Write a creative business plan.

117. Design a brand template.

118. Obtain a PO Box for business.

119. Start working on the longer, more complicated business plan

120. Design a new website.

121. Launch on an line store.

122. Get at least 100 email subscriptions before product launch.

123. Buy a new camera for products shots and blogging.

124. Secure an airport distribution deal.

125. Purchase/Subscribe to the Adobe Creative Suite.

126. Create a network for entrepreneurs.

127. Hire a marketing expert.

128. Learn the basics of coding

129. Create my own planner.

130. Get a major investor in the lifestyle brand.


Things to Buy

131. Refrain from shopping for one month (grocery shopping doesn’t count)

132. And once my shopping fast is over, buy a new Louis Vuitton purse.

133. Buy my mom a Louis Vuitton purse.

134. Buy a new glass top desk.

135. Furniture for my living room

136. Buy a house

137. Subscribe to 2 monthly beauty boxes

138. Invest in a Chanel tote

139. Re-decorate my home office

140. A new truck.

141. The perfect pair of travel shoes

142. The perfect travel tote (Have I shared with you guys my quest for #9 & #10? UGH)

143. New running shoes

144. New shoes just for the gym

145. A complete set of luggage



146. Pay off both my credit cards.

147. Complete the 52 Week Money Challenge.

148. Buy stock in some of my favorite companies.

149. Create multiple streams of income.

150. Have a consistent flow of income from my blog.

151. Earn $500/month from HS (new business)

152. Earn $1000/month from HS

153. Earn $2,000/month from HS

154. Re-save at least 6 months of expenses for an Emergency Fund.

155. Get my credit score to 700+

156. Lower my cell phone bill

157. Pay for car insurance in full for a year.

158. Increase the amount I contribute to my 401K.

159. Start an IRA.

160. Start a travel savings account.

161. Create a budget and stick to it

Goal I am anticipating #139. Re-decorating my home office. It’s where all the magic will happen. Designs. Creativity. Chaos. Fun. Oh and of course WINE!

Most nervous about #121 – Launching my new shop. It’s my baby.

Unsure I can achieve #19. The road trip across the country. Takes lots of planning. But I really wanted to say #153. Earning $2,000/month from the new business, but I won’t be pessimistic like that.

Really anticipating #111. Preaching in Costa Rica. It’s just a goal. Haven’t planned it. But Costa Rica, utilizing my Spanish for at least a month sounds amazing.

So have you made a 101 in 1001 days list? If not, try making one.



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