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Cooking is something I love to do 90% of the time; especially when the weather gets cooler. It’s something about being in a cozy kitchen, mixing up recipes and yummy aromas in the air that gets me excited. Here’s my list 11 ways you can upgrade your kitchen appliances:

      1. Nespresso machines – Having a coffee maker is essential; even if you do not drink coffee, chances are you will have a house guest who does, so I love the Keurig for that. But after my recent trip to Chicago, I fell in love with the Nespresso machines. Having multiple espresso options available at home is super convenient. I don’t have a machine yet, but when I purchase one, I’ll probably invite all my friends over to try it out.
      2. Electric Milk frother or fancier option
      3. Spice Herb Grinder I love to use fresh herbs when cooking, but I HATE chopping them up. This grinder is essential if you feel the same way.
      4. Vacuum sealer system My mom has a vacuum sealer system and I can’t lie, I got a little jealous watching her seal up a bunch of snacks. For someone like me who is scared of freezer burns, this might be a good option.
      5. Air fryers have become very popular in the last year. My parents swear by their air fryer. It’s a great appliance and alternative way to cooking some of your favorite foods in a healthier way. I really like this option that comes with a toaster rack and kabob skewers.6. Rapid Egg Cooker  I love a good hard-boiled egg for breakfast but never remember to boil them until I have to leave out the door. A rapid egg cooker is clutch if you never have time to make breakfast in the mornings.

7. Knife sharpener  – no one loves a dull knife. Believe me, I know. I have a few knives in my kitchen I need to                                              sharpen.

8. Griddler/panini press – grilled sandwiches! Need I say more?

9. Vegetable spiralizer because zoodles are everything! Especially when you are trying to cut down on carbs.

10. My Instant Pot recipes has become a fast favorite for me. I’ve shared many for those nights when you                                                   don’t feel like cooking but crave a home-cooked meal. An instant pot is a MUST have.

11. Food chopper – who has time to cut vegetables? I don’t!

So do you have any kitchen essentials? What are they?