It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through the month of January. I feel like we were just counting down to 2018 and watching the ball drop. If you’re a serious planner like me, then I know you’ve probably started planning out your year. If not, don’t worry, you’ve still got time.  Two years ago, I created my own editorial calendar to better organize my content and blog posts. And when I stuck to the pre-planning, I was able to become much more consistent with posting and planning content. Developing a blog planner and keeping an editorial calendar helped me so much, that I decided to create this year’s blog planner to share with other bloggers.


An editorial calendar is basically a plan or outline for your blog’s content. The calendar is used to map out your content weekly or monthly, depending on your preference. It can be as simple as choosing a theme for the month and planning what type of posts you will create around that theme. If you like to dive deeper, then you could outline each of your posts ahead of time, which will make it a lot easier when you sit down to draft the post.

You might decide to create a series for your blog  Emergency Preparedness Tips or “5 Ways to Style…”

Blog Planner & Editorial Calendar


Blogging isn’t easy, some bloggers just make it look like it is. And if you have a 9-5 on top of blogging or a family who relies heavily on you, then no doubt you have a lot of responsibilities. Juggling all of our responsibilities and still trying to schedule family time or self-care can be hard. That’s why planning is KEY.

We all have times where life gets really busy or we’re so tired; we don’t even want to think about working on our blog and coming up with fresh content, but this is when having an editorial calendar and blog plan comes in handy. If you’ve already written or drafted ideas, you’re ahead of the game. And it becomes much easier to finalize the post or bring all your thoughts together cohesively, as opposed to having to come up with a fresh new idea with no plan or outline.

Planning and organizing content for your blog helps keep you consistent. Consistency also lets your readers know what they can expect from you and keeps them in expectation of what’s coming next. Consistency is something that I struggled with for a LONG time. Honestly, I’ve only become better at it this year and having an editorial calendar really helped.

As I mentioned earlier, I created an Editorial Calendar and Blog Planner that will help give you:

  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Direction
  • Organization
  • A fresh start
  • A starting point
  • A plan to improve your blog
  • A plan for success
  • A new way to make money creating products your audience really want

This workbook also will help you

  • Figure out what works and what doesn’t
  • Feel less overwhelmed
  • Find a starting place
  • Lose that feeling of being stuck
  • Maintain consistency
  • Become more focused and eliminate scattered blogging

What’s included?

 Here is what the blog planner includes:

  • Annual Goals Sheet
  • A Review of Your Blog
  • Plan and Strategy Pages
  • Year-at-a-Glance Pages
  • Monthly Calendars
  • Monthly Goal Sheet
  • Blog Post Planning Page
  • Monthly Brainstorming Page
  • Monthly Review Page
  • Monthly Stat Tracker
  • Monthly Income Tracker
  • Monthly Expense Tracker
  • Sponsored Post Tracker
  • Collaboration or Pitch Ideas Page
  • Pitch Tracker
  • Affiliate Program and Post Tracker
 If you’re looking to get organized with your blog and have the best year of blogging yet, you can get a copy of the 2018 Blog Planner and Content Calendar here.

Blog Planner and Calendar



  1. Looks like a great tool. Being organised as a blogger is so important. Very well done! #BLM

    • Yaya

      yes it really is and it took me a long time to figure out a good process that works