Coconut oil is a great remedy for beauty, particularly with dry air from the cold winter months. Yes, coconut oil really is great for many things in everyday life, from dry scalps to cooking in the kitchen. As far as beauty is concerned, it definitely has a place for your skin and hair.

Replenish Moisture in Your Hair

Coconut oil is great as a natural beauty product for your hair. It’s a wonderful natural oil that will cleanse your scalp and soften your hair, without making it oily or greasy. There are a few different ways you can use it.

Your first option is to use the coconut oil as a pre-wash mask aka pre-poo. What you would do is add coconut oil to your hair while it is dry, let it sit for an hour or so, or even overnight, then wash your hair as you normally would. This is great for adding in moisture before you shampoo. I like to use this method a lot if I am washing my hair after I’ve straightened it. It’s great for moisturizing my hair and keeping it soft/

You can also do an overnight mask in between washes just to get some extra moisture without having to shampoo after. This just requires putting the oil on your hair at night, then rinsing it off in the morning. No shampooing or additional conditioning should be needed.

Soften Your Dry, Cracked Hands

Your skin also becomes very dry and often cracked from the cold wind and low temperatures in the winter. It is often a bigger problem on your hands because they are the most exposed in cold weather. Coconut oil is a great way to add more moisture to your skin and prevent cracking. Use coconut oil to rub onto your hands and cuticles on a daily basis, then rinse it off lightly. Some of it will soak into your skin, and you can rinse off the rest of the oil. This also works great as an overnight hand cream.

Improve the Health and Glow of Your Skin

Aside from your hands, you might also want to improve the skin on your face. Even if you don’t have cracking, you might have some added dryness and increased redness. To get a nice healthy glow and moisturize your skin with coconut oil, make a mask with the oil and any other natural ingredients. Some that work well for your skin include shea butter and raw honey.

Tune in tomorrow where I’ll share some of my favorite natural beauty recipes for coconut oil.


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