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Whenever Spring and Fall arrive, I get into a cleaning and organization groove. It’s something about the changing of the season and wardrobe that has me wanting to get my house in order as well. As you know I am a major visual person and I am often inspired by pictures I see. I saw this picture below on Pinterest and instantly had the desire to create an organized fridge like displayed. 


I saw the picture and immediately held up some praise hands. And since I’ve been inspired to do all this spring cleaning lately, I decided to recreate this look for my fridge. I had several containers of food that had gotten “lost” in my fridge and half-empty bottles of water, bottles of beer all over the bottom shelf. The picture below is how my fridge looked before I organized it. #nojudgement 

After cleaning out my fridge, buying some containers to re-organize things, I came up with 4 steps to organizing your fridge like a boss. 1. Assess the needs of your fridge and go shopping.
I decided to go with a mix of bowls and bins. The Container Store and Amazon have a great selection of fridge organizer binstrays, and this egg container that I LOVE, but I was impatient and wanted my containers right away. So I decided to check my local Burlington Coat Factory home section because they have great kitchen essentials and BINGO! They had several storage bins for half the price that other stores have them. And then I went to the Dollar Tree and got a couple plastic bowls and bins for fruit and produce.

  2. Take everything out the fridge and wipe it down thoroughly.
Once I got home I washed the bowls and bins and then started on the fridge. I empty out the fridge shelf by shelf, wiped each shelf down with soapy water and then reloaded the shelves. You can find some really great chemical-free cleaners here.

  3. Add drink storage containers.
In an effort to cut down on my sugar intake, I’ve been trying to only drink water and tea. I make a batch of green tea mixed with raspberry or peach tea and drink it throughout the week. I’ll usually store some tea in a couple of plastic bottles for an easy grab and go and anything that is left goes into a glass carafe or pitcher. I do have a bunch of beers stored in one of the larger bins and they have been in my fridge for a while because they don’t really mesh with my diet right now, but at least now they look at lot prettier.

  4. Reorganize shelf by shelf.
I have my drinks and fruit on the top shelf. Snacks, cheeses and more fruit on the second shelf. The bottom shelf has my beer, eggs, meat and my lunch and dinner that I have prepped. I’m currently keeping my eggs in the carton, but I’ll soon be purchasing my egg container very soon. And if you’re wondering how to remember when the eggs expire, just use a marker (non-toxic of course) to write the date on an egg before you throw away the carton.


So here is my fridge after I cleaned it out and reorganized using my storage bins and bowls.

I love the way clear containers look in the fridge. So clean and if you spill something, it’s easy to spot. Some other great products I love are the Produce Keeper to keep veggies fresh for days. The Divided Storage Container is another one on my wishlist. This container is a must for soda drinkers and of course, there’s something for my fellow wine drinkers here as well. Hopefully, this inspires you to make your fridge pretty and organized like it did me. If you need more inspiration, check out Pinterest.

So tell me, how organized is your fridge? Do you lose food in the fridge like me?


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