If you are struggling with social anxiety, treating it often begins simply by looking at your daily habits. You can change minor things throughout the day and make a large impact on how you feel, and the situations you are able to handle that involve other people. Here are 5 daily habits that can help relieve your anxious feelings.

1. Start Exercising

A really good habit to start introducing into your daily life is exercising. When you begin moving your body every day, it becomes a habit that you almost get addicted to. It gives you more energy, boosts your confidence, and can even get you out of the house into more social situations. Exercise is also good for anxiety in general, thanks to the endorphins it releases from the brain.

2. Focus on Better Sleep

Sleep is important for everyone, but especially for those struggling with anxiety. When you are fatigued, you feel even less like you can handle stressful situations than on a normal day. Often times when I am extremely tired and don’t want to deal with basic social interactions, I end up taking the day off to regroup.  However, if you start improving your sleep, you will notice by being more alert, you can handle those social situations a little easier. It is also important for mental health overall.

3. Meditate Regularly

Meditation is a big part of the natural treatments for social anxiety. I recently started meditation and was surprised at how helpful it’s been to calm my anxiety. Meditation gives you a few moments every day to not think about anything, forget your worries and set aside all those negative feelings you have about upcoming events. Take at least 10 minutes a day to sit in a quiet room alone, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and really try to empty your headspace. You will notice it makes a drastic difference in what your anxiety level is each day.

4. Write in a Journal

Journaling is also recommended for social anxiety, since it helps you to work out your negative emotions, instead of letting them control your life. If you have an event coming up where social interactions are necessary, you can express all your feelings in the journal, and help that dump the feelings from your brain and try to change your mindset. You can also use the journal as a way to record the good days and the bad days, which helps you to find your personal anxiety triggers. Journaling has been a good way for me to express my fears and also notate the things I am grateful for like overcoming a fear or pushing past a moment of anxiety.

5. Start a Morning Routine

Morning routines take you to the next level of handling your anxiety. They include all things that are healthy for your body or mind, whether that means meditating while having your morning cup of coffee, or starting each day with a short yoga session. I’ll be starting a “Make Over Your Morning Routine” Challenge soon. Sign up below if you’re interested in joining the challenge,


I hope these simple tips have helped you as much as they help me live with anxiety.



  1. Such a great post with great tips, I find that meditation and journaling help me so much. I will need to implement a morning routine so that I can get my days started off right.

  2. Everything you’ve mentioned is so true. The first step is actually doing it. I’ve started writing in my journal and it helps A LOT.

    • Yaya

      I need to do more exercise myself, but when I do exercise, I find it helps

  3. As someone who deals with anxiety, this is spot on. I’ll definitely be more intentional about incorporating these into my daily/weekly routine. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yaya

      I suffer from it as well and have found that a lot of these have really helped me. Glad it’s useful to you as well