We are bombarded daily with different fitness programs and nutrition plans all aiming to help us get in the best shape of our lives. It sometimes feels quite overwhelming, so going back to the basics doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. By opting for cycling we can have a bigger control of our fitness life. Since all it takes is for us to grab our bike and protective gear and start pedaling, it is much easier to include it in our daily routine. And when we need to move it up or down our schedule it won’t make a fuss.

If you still haven’t considered this alternative, here are a few benefits that are sure to make you at least try this great activity.

It helps build muscles

What makes cycling an almost ideal fitness option is that thanks to its the resistance elements it not only burns fat but also builds muscle. Of course your leg muscles do most of the work, however, we also use our abdominal muscles for the balance and our hands and shoulders for handles. So it is actually quite a workout for our entire body. Tempered cycling can help you not only stay in shape but also have a nicely toned physique.

Gets those pounds down

Well simply put,  cycling burns calories,  usually from 400 to 1000 an hour depending on your chosen intensity. So riding along a lake or seashore will keep you in the lower section of calorie burning, however, a nice trip up the mountain road will definitely increase that number. Of course, cycling will not have the desired effects if you do not balance out your nutrition as well. Both of these factors are equally important for weight loss.

It can keep your heart and lungs healthy

As we have already established in the previous paragraphs, cycling gets your heart pumping, it burns the calories and stimulates weight loss which is one of the most important factors in preventing heart disease. So cycling can not only help keep your body fit but also your heart healthy. And as for your lungs, all the hard work you do cycling makes your respiratory muscles stronger and fresh air and increased oxygen intake definitely can’t hurt. You can choose riding paths in nature where you will be away from pollutants.

It helps reduce stress

One of the major factors for a healthy life and body is our ability to reduce stress in our daily life, and cycling can really help. Apart from the regular release of adrenaline and endorphins that comes from doing exercise, there are also other ways in which cycling helps us battle stress. It gets us out of the house, away from our work obligation and into nature. In addition, it provides a sense of adventure allowing us to explore new areas or rediscover old pathways. And all you need to do to start this stress-free fitness journey is browse through an online bike store and find your ideal companion for this adventure. Just feel the wind in your hair and let the stress leave your body.

It can help us sleep better

Our body needs sleep in order to function normally and stay healthy. It is quite clear that when our body is tired we tend to sleep better. So this is where cycling comes into play. You can make a daily schedule that will include an hour or so of cycling and just monitor your sleep patterns afterward. Based on the quality of sleep and general tiredness you might want to increase the difficulty levels, cycle uphill or go for longer distances. Just to get your body ready for bed. And as we have already mentioned since cycling helps reduce stress levels you will be falling asleep in no time, tired and stress-free.

There you have it these are just some of the numerous benefits of cycling. Try it out, there is a good chance you won’t be able to put your bike down after you realize the great effect this activity has on your body.

Have you tried cycling before?


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