I’m back with another great dress from Shein. Every once in a while I get into a bohemian-mode and that is what this Flounce Sleeve Wrap dress gives me. As soon as I saw the dress online, it caught my eye. I love the bright color and flowy sleeves.

You can find this dress online by searching using this  Search ID: 402887 or this link. This is another item from Shein that you need to look at the measurements for before you order it. I wear a size 14 and a C cup bra. So this Flounch Wrap dress fits me well in the chest area, I even had some room. However, it was a little tight because the area under the chest is cinched. I tried to slip the dress over my head and that was not working. Luckily it had a side zipper and I had a friend nearby to help me with the zipper. So I say all that to say, if you have a wider circumference near your chest, this chest might be a little tricky for you. I still love this dress, so it’s just a little motivation for me to lose a few inches.

As you can see this photo shoot was done a little impromptu in a hotel hallway. I had already shot this outfit from Shein and thought I had time before my flight to shoot this dress too because my flight had been delayed an hour. I quickly checked my phone and then realized that United had sent another update and my flight was back on time. So I quickly grabbed my camera, grabbed my friend Tiffany and we shot a few pics in the hallway before I rushed off to the airport to catch my flight #bloggerlife.

I’ll be hitting the gym tomorrow, so hopefully, you’ll be seeing me in this dress again this summer and I’ll tell you how much easier it was to get into. But even if I have to struggle, I’m still wearing this dress. I love it. It’s light and airy, perfect for summer. It’s flowy and I love flowy dresses. Something about them makes me feel so girly.

You can find this Flouncy Wrap dress here on Shein. And if you want to see some of my other great finds from Shein, you can see them here.

And don’t forget to use the code lavida20 to save 20% off any orders over $59 on Shein.


    • Yaya

      Thanks so much. It’s a great outfit for the summer