It’s nearing the end of the year and the holidays are upon us. Some bloggers use this time to take a break and regroup, plan and prep for the new year.  Other bloggers keep pushing out content through the end of the year despite their busy schedules.  This may seem like a hard thing to do, especially if you sell products and are prepping for Black Friday, in addition to blogging. So how can you keep delivering content and have a busy blog during the holidays?

Pre-schedule Posts

Try pre-scheduling your posts in batches. This is the single most effective method for me and a lot of other bloggers I know. Batch scheduling posts is a great way to save time when you need a break or are too busy. I usually try to take one day on the weekends to schedule at least two weeks of posts. You can do this by using your blog’s scheduled post feature or you could blog by email and set your email client to only send the mail at a pre-set date and time.

How to have a busy blog during the holidays

Guest Bloggers

Another tip is inviting other bloggers to guest post on your blog. You can hire someone or look for interested bloggers in different Facebook groups. Many times, people are more than happy to blog on your site for free because it’s extra visibility for them. If you’re a business owner, you could also invite owners of related businesses to post. This is a great idea because you can return the favor when they get busy. Guest writers are a good way to get some time away from your blog, allow you to concentrate on spending time with your family or profiting from holiday sales and a wonderful way to introduce a fresh perspective.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Hire a virtual assistant to post some articles related to your niche or business. Articles that people find useful such as shopping and budget tips, recipes, travel tips during the holidays and winter fashion do well during this time of year.

If you post tips, make sure they’re not all at once. Publish some quick, interesting tips over a period of days or even weeks. Tell people they are reading one of a series of tips on “X” topic. This gives your prospects reason to return and you something to blog about on a regular basis.

I can honestly admit that not too long ago I would just abandon my blog during the holidays. Life got busy, I wanted to spend time with friends and family and focus my time on prepping for the new year. But now that I’ve utilized the tips above, I’ve been able to keep consistent with content and will continue to do so even during this busy holiday season. And by using these same tips, you can ensure your blog isn’t neglected during the holidays as well.

So leave me a comment below and let me know if you usually take a break from blogging during the holidays or you plan to blog through right through the holidays?

How to have a busy blog during the holidays





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