Yesterday I shared with you three ways to coconut oil in your natural beauty routine. And today, I want to share a few natural beauty recipes you can use with the coconut oil.

If you suffer from a lot of blackheads like me, this recipe will be good for you.

Facial Masks

Coconut Oil  & Baking Soda Mask For Blackheads

This face mask acts as a cleanser, getting rid of dirt and dead skin cells from your pores while helping to brighten your skin instantly.


1 tbsp. coconut oil
1 tsp. baking soda


1.  Mix coconut oil with 1 baking soda to form a paste.

2.  Apply directly to your skin focusing on areas where blackheads are more common – nose, chin etc.

3.  Rub gently with your fingers in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes.

4.  Wash the mask off with cold water and pat your face dry with a clean towel.


Coconut Oil & Tumeric Mask to Lighten Skin

The combination of coconut oil and turmeric helps with skin discoloration by evening out your skin tone.  This mask is the perfect mixture for blotchy or discolored skin. Coconut oil also works to hydrate, soften, and moisturize your skin to help fight fine lines and wrinkles.


1 tbsp. coconut oil
1 pinch turmeric


1.  Mix coconut oil and turmeric together in a bowl.

2.  Apply to your clean face and leave on for 15 minutes.

3.  Rinse your face with cold or lukewarm water.

4.  Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

Baking soda is known to be one of the best cleansing agents and can be utilized to clean your skin. When you combine coconut oil and baking soda, the end result is glowing skin.


Coconut Oil & Baking Soda Face Mask


1 tablespoon Coconut oil
1 tablespoon Baking soda


1. Mix coconut oil and baking soda in a bowl. Stir the mixture till the ingredients form a paste.

2. If necessary, add more baking soda, a pinch at a time, until you get a paste.

3. Apply the mixture to your face and sit for 5 minutes.

4. Now softly rub your skin by small circular motions for about 2 minutes to eliminate dead skin cells.

5. Finish by rinsing off your face using cool water and then pat dry using a soft towel.



Coconut Oil Hair Moisturizer

Hair conditioners made with coconut oil and shea butter really nourish your hair and scalp. This mixture helps restore moisture and softens the hair making it smoother, shinier and easier to comb through.


1-2 tablespoon virgin coconut oil
1 tablespoon shea butter
1 tablespoon honey


Mix the coconut oil and shea butter in a bowl.

Melt the shea butter and coconut oil on low flame and mix honey when it cools down.

Divide your hair into sections and apply the mixture from root to tip of the hair and on the scalp too. Keep it for 1 hour and rinse it off with the organic shampoo. Repeat at least once a week.

Coconut Oil for Hair Detangler

Coconut oil and lavender oil have deep moisturizing properties that help the hair strand smooth and soft which makes hair to detach itself from other hair strands. It will also condition your hair and make them manageable.


2-3 tablespoon virgin coconut oil
2 tablespoon natural conditioner
15 drops lavender essential oil
1 spray bottle
1 cup distilled water

  1. Pour one cup of distilled water and mix 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of organic hair conditioner and 15 drops of lavender essential oil into a spray bottle.
  2. Seal the bottle and shake it well before application.
  3. Separate your hair into sections and spray this solution on your tangled hair very well. Start from the tip of the hairs.
  4. Detangle your hair from a tip by combing it slowly with a wide tooth comb and slowly move to the upper direction of your hair and finish that section of your hair before going to the next section.

Have you used coconut oil for your natural beauty routine? If so, how?


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