I don’t really own or wear a lot of blouses, but I’ve been low-key admiring asymmetrical style tops. I finally decided to take the plunge when I saw this super cute polka dot asymmetrical ruffle top on Shein’s website.

By now, you should know that Shein sizes are not consistent. By now I should know this as well, but I am still learning. I ordered this top in a 0Xand it was definitely a little tight in the stomach area, so my suggestion would be to size up for this top.

The great thing about this top is that its long sleeve, so even when the weather starts to get colder, you can still rock this shirt. I definitely will be. I’m already thinking of how I can winterize this top and wear it during the winter. It’s too cute to only be seen in the summer.

If you’re looking for this Asymmetrical Ruffle Top on Shein, you can find it here or use Search ID:445546. Remember to check the measurements and size up.

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Let me know if you’ve tried the asymmetrical blouse style and what you think?



    • Yaya

      Yes girl, I need that because I’m always waiting until last minute to make eggs