Take a minute to imagine the Maldives in your mind. What did you see? Was it white sandy beaches, turquoise water, palm trees, coconuts and colorful cocktails? If yes, then you’re completely right! The Maldives truly look like everyone’s image of a tropical paradise, but it’s also much more. This group of islands is full of untouched nature and fun ways to explore and enjoy it, no matter if it’s from the beach of your resort, from the sky, from the boat or from under the surface! So, here’s what to do and what to see once you land on the Maldives to have an all-inclusive experience.

Dive at Banana Reef

Many people who decide to visit the islands come only for the diving. Even though there’s much more to the Maldives than diving alone, there are only a few places that can be compared to diving in the Maldives! The place is practically surrounded with reefs (the best being Banana Reef) full of colorful corals and swaying seaweed that houses striped snappers, reef sharks, barracudas and soft sponges that all coexist at the same place. If you’re not certified to dive, you can always explore the Maldives with your snorkel!

Explore the Maldives from the surface

There are many amazing ways to really get to know Maldives and fall in love with its beauties and one is definitely catamaran sailing. This calm ride will allow you to sail the ocean, observe the many islands of Maldives and just enjoy the peace and serenity of the moment! However, if you want some more freedom to create your own exploration route, you can try kayaking. Paddling on the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean will give you an unforgettable experience, no matter if it’s your first time kayaking or if you’re an experienced paddler. These two sports are the perfect way to really FEEL the archipelago and soak up all its beauty and charm!

Enjoy the gorgeous beaches

If you want to just chill and enjoy your Maldivian stay at the beach with a good book in one and a tasty cocktail in the other hand, by all means, do so! The Maldives are practically created out of sandy beaches surrounded by the bluest ocean you’ve ever seen, so you can just take a light stroll on the beach, watch the birds, play with little beach crabs and watch the sunset over the water. Then return to your overwater bungalow and welcome the next morning with a 360-view of the ocean. Ask your respected Maldives travel agent for this famous type of accommodation. It would really be a shame to miss out on this unique experience!

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view

Another way to explore the atolls is to board a little plane and have a sky adventure. You’ll get to see many shades of blue and beige rushing under you and enjoy beautiful island patterns the ocean created for you! It’s truly a unique experience!

Visit the capital

Not many people who come to this little sovereign country decide to visit the cities—most just stick to the tropical islands, beaches and palm trees. However, in order to get the real Maldivian experience, you need to see Malé, the capital of the atolls. It’s truly an exciting place that is quite hectic and crowded. Make sure to experience the city by visiting the Malé Market and try your hand at haggling and check out the beautiful Friday Mosque and Islamic Center. Once you get overwhelmed by the city bustle, you can return to the beach and relax, surrounded by nature and bathed in sunshine.

The Maldives are truly one of nature’s wonders, especially when it comes to their natural riches and colorful marine flora and fauna. So, don’t hesitate to book your Maldivian adventure and explore the many islands and unforgettable sites!


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