Huemon Beauty performed this service complimentary, but the thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I recently got my eyebrows microbladed from Huemon Beauty in Rockville, Maryland. I’ve been researching microblading and searching for someone in the DC area to do them for months now. I hadn’t found anyone whose work I loved, however, I did find someone in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had planned to get my eyebrows done there this summer on a visit to see my parents. But after checking out Deyonne’s work, I was sold on letting her hook up my brows.

My eyebrows weren’t that bad too begin with but they so sort of faded at the tail end, so I was looking for a more defined brow.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about microblading, so  I wanted to answer them all here.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement using microneedles that creates the illusion of fuller looking eyebrows; think of it as a cosmetic tattoo.

Is it painful?

It all depends on your pain tolerance. I have a VERY low pain tolerance; if you pinch me,  I am ready to hit you. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, my pain was no more than a 4.5. And the pain wasn’t constant. The pain would come sporadically. It would be a stroke here or a stroke there. Deyonne uses numbing cream as well, so that helps with keeping the pain to a minimum. If you get shading done, the shading feels like tiny pinches. They were so tiny that I actually had no urge to hit anyone. Ha ha

Can I hear the needle buzzing like you can when you get a tattoo?

You can hear a tiny buzzing, but Deyonne put on my favorite music while she worked, so I paid more attention to the music that the needle. It’s also common to hear a ‘scrapping’ like sound during the process, but I promise it’s nothing creepy, so don’t get freaked out.

How long does it last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent, so depending on the artist that does your brows and your skin type, it can last anywhere from a year to 2 years. Over time microblading fades, but you can easily get a touch-up to have your eyebrows renewed.

I have sensitive skin. Can I get my brows microbladed?

Yes, however, it depends on how sensitive your skin is. If you’re prone to acne in your eyebrow area., keloids or irritation to numbing gels with lidocaine then you would not be a good candidate for microblading.  Also, if you are on Accutane, you have to wait a year before you can get your brows done.

Is there one form of microblading? Or is there options?

There are three main options for microblading. Traditional microblading is done to mimic hair strokes, so it creates the illusion of fuller eyebrows. It looks super natural and if you get it done by the right artist, you will be amazed at how realistic the strokes lare and how much they look like real hair.

The second option is ombre shading. This process gives a filled in effect to the brows, where it will be lighter in the front of the brow and darker at the tail.

And the last option is my favorite, it’s the combination. The combination is traditional hair strokes and shading together. Hair strokes are generally done at the front of the brow and shading is done in the middle to the tail of the brow.

Since I had been researching microblading for a while, I knew that I wanted the combination for my brows.

How much does microblading cost?

Let’s be clear, microblading is an investment. Prices vary depending on where you get them done. In the research that I have done, I have seen microblading as low as $375 and as high as $600, so it really depends on the artist and the area you live in. From the research that I’ve done, it’s definitely a little more expensive if you live in a major city. But don’t focus on the price. Focus on the work of the person who does the brows. Because I would rather pay $600 for banging brows vs. $375 for brows I am ashamed to look at every day. Do

What does the procedure involve?

So let me walk you through my procedure. Deyonne offers free consultations over the phone or in person and I would highly recommend that. As I mentioned before, I had been researching microblading for several months, so I knew what the procedure entailed.  After a short conversation and stalking of her Instagram page, I was sold on Deyonne’s skills. She sent me the medical forms and a couple of other documents to read. After reading those, I paid my deposit to secure my appointment.

Microblading usually takes 3-4 hours, so eat before you go. However, DO NOT drink any alcohol or anything with caffeine at least 24 hours before your appointment. Caffeine makes you bleed a little more (similar to how your skin bleeds with a tattoo).

I arrived at my appointment and we talked for a little while and go to know one another. I mean you probably should get comfortable with someone who is about to invade your private space and be all in your grill right? LOL Deyonne is super professional and we instantly clicked.

Step 1: The Consultation

We talked about the procedure and what I could expect, took BEFORE pictures and then she started on step 2.

Excited and ready to get started

I don’t normally take pictures so close to my face, so no judgement on the rest of the pictures I am getting ready to show you.

Here’s another BEFORE pic

Step 2: Measuring and Outlining

After the consultation, the next step is measuring your current brows and outlining your new brows.

The outlining of your new brows is what takes the most time.  What I loved about Deyonne is that she took her time to make sure your brows are perfect. She lets you look at them and adjust anything you want on the brow. If it’s not the right shape or you want them thicker, she will quickly make those adjustments and wait until she gets your sign of approval.

Step 3: Numbing

I have several tattoos, but I am a big punk when it comes to pain. I have a very low tolerance for pain, so I was happy when Deyonne applied a numbing cream. Not every artist will use numbing cream, so be sure to ask about it before you get started. While waiting for the numbing cream to take effect, it’s a good time to talk pigments. I asked Deyonne what she planned to use on me because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t black. As dark as my hair is, I knew black would be too dark for me. Thankfully Deyonne is knowledge about her colors and said she almost never uses black.

Step 4: Microblading

Microblading hair strokes is a literal tiny blade that’s making cuts in your skin and the pigment is “inserted” into the cut in your skin to create a hair like looking stroke. So yes, let’s be clear it hurts. Depending on your pain tolerance it may not hurt that much. If you have gotten any tattoo, you will survive microblading. My pain on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest was never more than a four. And it’s never constant pain. One stroke would hurt and another would be painless.  But you will survive.

It’s important NOT to drink alcohol or drink anything with caffeine before your appointment. Because the blade is cutting into your skin, there will be small amounts of blood that come through your skin. Alcohol or caffeine can cause you to bleed a little more than normal.  So AVOID these drinks at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Because my brows are a little none existent towards the center of my face, Deyonne did hair strokes in that area and since my brows tend to face towards the tail, she did hairstrokes there as well.

Time for my close up…

Step 5: Shading

After the microblading, Deyonne added some shading. So the shading is lighter at the front of the brow and gets dark in the middle and tail of the brow.  No more brows that fade off into the sunset for me.

Step 6: The Big Reveal

The BIG Reveal

I had to get a closeup to check out my new brows. I was so amazed at how the hair strokes looked like it was real hair. Amazed!

Step 7: The Healing Process

Check out these brows

Deyonne hooks you up for the healing process too. She has these cute little pouches that contain everything you need for the healing process: cream for your brows, Q-tips for application, Advil, hand sanitizer and 2 faces masks to cover your brows in the shower.

Your brows will be a little swollen and red for the first few hours after your appointment. Deyonne instructed me to use a cotton pad every hour with some distilled water and wipe it on my brows to help with the swelling. On Day 2, your brows will be darker than they were the first day. DON’T freak out. Deyonne had already warned me that my brows would get darker, so I woke up the next day, looked in the mirror, shrugged and just kept it moving. You can start applying the healing cream on Day 2.  Avoid wiping your eyebrows for the first week when you wash your face. I know it’s hard, but you want to be sure that pigment stays and settles into those little cut strokes while they heal up, so no rubbing. And avoid makeup, lotions and any coverups on your brows as well. Around Day 3, your skin will probably start to scab up. RESIST the urge to pick the scabs. Let them fall naturally.

I’m not sure what happens after Day 4 on because I haven’t gotten there yet, but if you’re curious about how my healing process will continue, make sure you follow me on Instagram. I am sharing the process day-by-day.

You should schedule a touch-up appointment about 4-6 weeks after your first appointment. After your skin has fully healed, the color in certain areas may need to be touched up. Or you may want the color to be darker in some areas, so the touch-up appointment is great for that. I am excited to see how my brows heal in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

If you are interested in microblading, PLEASE contact Deyonne for a consultation. My readers and followers get a special discount. Use the discount code HBBPAR1 and get 25% off your service. Twenty-five percent is major when paying for a service like this. The code is only good until March 10, so book your appointment soon. No worries, if you don’t have the full amount right away. Only $50 is required to reserve your appointment but book it now to take advantage of the 25% savings.


Me with the lovely Ms. Deyonne
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