Fall has returned and so have I, in leopard print. Leopard print is once again super popular this season.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I ruptured my Achilles back in April. So I ended up taking an unplanned, extended break from blogging to focus on healing my foot and making sure my mental health didn’t suffer. Dealing with a ruptured Achilles was the worst and I wouldn’t wish it on my enemies. It was especially hard for me because I am used to being independent, so not being able to do the things I could normally do easily was crushing. Thankfully my loving mom came to stay with me for a couple of months and nurse me back to health. But now my foot is 85% healed and I am back to blogging.

While home recovering, I did a LOT of shopping. Shein has taken a lot of my money lately, so I am super excited to be sharing some new pieces from Shein, just in time for the fall Leopard is all the rage again this season and I am adding a few pieces to my closet. I started with this super chic leopard corduroy skirt.

When I ordered this leopard skirt, I paid no attention to the material it was made with, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was corduroy. Now it’s not the thick corduroy you may be thinking of; but rather the lighter, more airy fabric. It’s perfect for the Fall with no tights or colder winter days with tights.

Shirt – Amazon | Belt – Gucci | Skirt – Shein |  Shoes –TJ Maxx – white sold out but red is available,  different colors available here

This leopard split front skirt is definitely going to be a favorite of mine this Fall/Winter, so don’t be surprised if you see me wearing it again and styled a little differently.  I am loving it and all things Shein right now. And if you’ve been reading this blog then you know I’ve been working with Shein for a while now. So I can honestly say Shein has stepped up their game BIG time in the last year. I am so impressed with all the clothes I ordered this summer and the items that I have gotten thus far for this coming season. Don’t sleep on Shein.

Don’t sleep on this skirt either; I ordered it in a 1X and it fit just right. And at $15, this leopard skirt is a steal. You can find it on the Shein site by using this link or Search ID: 826291 .  And stay tuned to the blog because I have a lot more Shein fashions to share. I did a haul before my big work event last month and I will be doing another haul this week. Gotta stock up for the Fall.




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