This past Sunday I had the privilege of attending a Mangia DC event for National Drink Wine Day. If you’re unfamiliar with Mangia DC, you need to get familiar. They are a great local company that holds food tours around Washington, DC. Their tours are great even if you are a local because it allows you to be a tourist for the day and learn a lot of unique facts about different DC neighborhoods and businesses. However, on National Drink Wine Day, they did something different by hosting what I like to call a “Wine Party“.

The party was held at the Darlington House in DC and featured wine tastings from four local businesses. I decided to start at the far end of the room, close to the snacks (a girl loves to snack) with prosecco from 90+ Cellars. This prosecco was honestly my most favorite of all the things I sipped that night and not just because I love prosecco. This prosecco was fruity, full of flavor and not too dry.  Before this event, I wasn’t too familiar with the 90+ Wine Brand, but I definitely am now and need to make these a part of my bar supply.


As I turned to visit another table I actually ran into two former co-workers, so we had to get a selfie.

I chatted with them briefly and then went to visit Via Umbria’s table. I love Via Umbria and their wines did NOT disappoint.  My favorite was this Montefalco Blanco, a white wine by Colle de Blanco. This was also a wine full of flavor with a pleasant surprise at the end. I’ll be visiting Via Umbria in Georgetown real soon to pick up a couple bottles of this.While at the Via Umbria table, I decided to sample their red wine Mirantico, as well. If you’re a fan of blends, especially with Malbec, this wine is for you.

I sampled a white wine from Schneider’s of Capitol Hill, broke a wine glass (yes I broke a wine glass, facepalm) and then decided to take one of the tours of the Darlington House. The Darlington House is a historic Row house that has been transformed into a multi-level restaurant. The one thing I loved about the Darlington House is that each level gives you a different vibe. Downstairs the basement is reminiscent of a British pub and has been visited not only by the whose-who of DC, but also some famous musicians. 

On the main level, you can get classic Italian food while surrounded by chic design.

After the tour, we went back upstairs and I visited the last table in the room which was Cario Wine & Liquor and the DC Wine Guy. He also had a red and wine for us to sample and seemed to be a very generous pourer, so the wine lover in me was much appreciative.I eventually worked my way back over to the other popular table in the room, which was the table by the snacks. This table offered the most tastings, with 6 different wines. I grabbed another tasting of the Prosecco just to make sure I loved it as much as I thought I did. Then I sampled the Sangria. The sangria was great, but I try to stay away from super sweet wines because I will drink them like juice.  They also had this Cabernet Sauvignon. This was another great wine full of flavor and I can only imagine how much more flavorful it would be with the perfect pairing of food.

I lingered around the snack table and sampled the pizzas and of course, ate some fries because you already know how much I love fries. I continued to talk to my former co-workers and even ran into another fellow DC Blogger. We made our rounds around the room again and sampled a few more wines. Overall I had a GREAT time at this event. Mangia DC pulled off another successful event and when I left the room was full of happy, joyful people.

So if you haven’t done a food tour with Mangia DC, you need to sign up for on this Spring and be on the lookout for their next event. If the next event is anything like this one, you don’t want to miss out!


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