Workdays can be exhausting, and they always seem to last longer than they actually are. Making sure that the kids get to school on time, that you do all your work projects and that everything at home is in order can take a lot of patience and time, and it sometimes seems like the anticipation of the weekend to come is the only thing keeping us sane. So, in order for you not to waste those precious two days, here are some fun activities that will allow you to spend quality time with your family this weekend.

Learning can be fun!

Turn your weekend into joyful and exciting teaching time for your children. Although your kids may like learning about animals from a book, they’ll definitely love seeing them live at your local zoo or aquarium. Perhaps you can even prepare yourself by reading about different animals since you can expect a million different questions about them once your children see them and get enthusiastic about them. If you visit a science museum, your youngsters can learn about our planet, the universe and anything else that might interest them. Furthermore, they can learn about safety if you take them to your local fire station, where they can meet firefighters and see different kinds of firetrucks, and you can see the joy on their little faces.

Weekends are delicious!

There are plenty of food-related activities for you and your family to engage in this weekend. You can turn meal preparation into quality family time by letting everybody in the kitchen and giving them tasks, or taking it all outside and having a barbecue. Another thing you can do is teach your children about other countries and cultures by visiting international restaurants near you. And if these don’t sound too inviting, there’s always that one thing that everybody loves. Whether it’s summer or winter, whether you make it together at home, or visit a superb ice cream store, ice cream is the perfect solution to any problem. You can even invite some of your friends and their families and go to Sunday school classes together. Give your kids the opportunity to make their own sundaes, and you’ll be the coolest parent that’s ever walked this planet.

Go green!

There’s nothing better than spending your day outdoors. Make sure you check the weather forecast and if they’re expecting nice weather this weekend, plan activities that take place in nature. Gothe beach, take your bikes and go cycling as a family in the countryside, visit a nearby nature reserve, or go hiking through a forest. If you want to stay close to home, go to your local park, have a picnic there and play with a ball or a Frisbee. If there’s a campsite near you, take your children for a short camping trip, or use your backyard to camp there, if you think they’ll be more comfortable with that. You can even spend a day in your garden and plant a few trees together. Your children will be thrilled with any of these activities.

There’s no place like home!

Spending your weekend at home doesn’t necessarily mean that it cannot be eventful or interesting. There are many activities that can take place in your own living room. Have a movie night and watch some of the classics with your little ones. If your kids like spending time on their computer, try teaching them how to play a new board or card game. They might like them well enough to stay away from that screen for a while. Even cleaning your closet can turn into a fun activity, if you allow your children to take some of your old clothes, shoes, and accessories and turn them into costumes for their role-playing games. If all else fails, your kids will love it if you hide some objects around the house and organize a treasure hunt.

Turn your weekend into an adventure for the whole family. You can bond, have fun together, and make memories to last a lifetime. All it takes is a few good ideas and some planning.


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