Social anxiety is just one form of anxiety, and not only can it relate to other forms of anxiety, but other mental illnesses as well. Having a mental illness does not make a person weak, but it does make them vulnerable to avoidance and many other issues in their life.

Here is how social anxiety might be related to other mental illnesses, and what you can do about it.

It Often Accompanies Other Anxiety Disorders

One of the ways social anxiety related to other mental illnesses is the fact that it is often not the only type of anxiety disorder you can have. You might have social phobias in addition to generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), or possibly have a panic attack disorder heightened by your social anxiety. This is why it is good to get professional help for treatment, at least in the beginning, so you can narrow down what forms of anxiety you have and treat each of them properly.

You Start a Habit of Avoidance

 Avoidance is something that accompanies many different types of mental health disorders. This is when because of that mental illness, you start to avoid people or situations in your life. I avoid things ALL the time. You might skip important work meetings or job interviews, avoid groups of people and stop hanging out with friends or family. This, unfortunately, provides a link between anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses you might be experiencing.

 It Affects Your Personal and Professional Life

 Both your personal and professional life can also be greatly affected, not just by social anxiety, but other mental illnesses as well. This includes not making or keeping your friends and having difficulty with new relationships, to not being able to advance at your current job because you are too afraid to step it up and talk about a possible promotion. This is why it is so vital that you work hard to identify all of your mental illnesses and seek out treatment.

There Are Similar Treatment Options

You will also notice another link, which is that many mental illnesses will have similar treatment options. They are not all identical, but many treatments help not just your depression, but your stress and social anxiety as well. These include certain medications, changing your diet, exercising, getting better sleep, journaling, and seeing a therapist. If you can find a treatment that works for multiple mental health issues, you will start to improve your life more sufficiently.



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