Did you read my earlier post on the major L I took setting big goals before my fortieth birthday? I set a LOT of goals and probably only accomplished 25% of them. So if it’s one thing I’ve learned when it comes to goals, it’s keeping it simple and keeping it realistic.  I am really trying to take on the whole “new year, new me” attitude in various avenues of my life.


Monthly Goals

Finish My Vision Board

I attended a vision board party right after the new year but did not get a chance to complete the board. Never did I think it would be so hard to complete the board. I don’t subscribe to any magazines. My roommate throws all of hers away. My co-workers didn’t have any. This past weekend, I figured I would just run to the bookstore, grab a couple of magazines and work on my board. I was shocked to find that most of the magazines I wanted to purchase were between $7.99 and $12.99. So, I instantly threw that idea out the window. Even though I did manage to find a few magazines in my office, I’ve decided to just compile some online pictures, print those out and use those to complete my board. But since I’m traveling this week, I’ll work on completing my board by the end of the month.

Create My Bucket List for the Year

101 goals might be too aggressive, but I do want to create simple, S.M.A.R.T. goals that I can achieve this year.

Contribute $400 Towards My Savings

Enough said there. I started my high-interest savings account and want to continue to contribute more money to the account to reach my yearly financial goal.

Plan My First Blogger Event

Even though I am an event planner in my 9 to 5, something about planning an event for bloggers scares me. Despite having this amazing party idea and theme, I’ve failed to actually set the date and sent out invites for the past TWO years. This year, I really want to start hosting events, so I am making it a goal to reach out to the venue I want to host my first party at. Once I reach out to them, I can set the date and put the plan into motion.

Apply for Global Entry

If you’ve seen my travel list this year, then you know I’ll be chasing lots of planes this year. I’ve been talking about applying for Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check for months now, but I’ve just been procrastinating about actually completing the application. But I need to obtain my Global Entry before I go to Columbia, so this month is the month, I’ll be submitting my application.

Clean Out My Closet/Donate/Poshmark

I’ve had two medium size garbage bags sitting at the bottom of my closet full of clothes. I need to go through the bags to see what should be donated and what I can sell on Poshmark. I’ve already started making piles for the clothes that aren’t in the bag. So if you’re my size or love accessories like I do, stay tuned because I will definitely be posting shoes, purses, clothing, etc.

Have you made goals or a vision board for the year? If so, what do you have on your list?




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