Each month I share my goals as a way to motivate myself to get things done and stay accountable. Here’s last month’s recap and this month’s set of goals for my blog, and my personal life. 

I feel like the month of July is going to fly by and August will be here before we know it. So before we get to August, I need to recap June and share my July goals. June was a busy and great month for me. The District Queens had our 1-year anniversary party, as well as our community service Goodie Girl Bags Packing Social. We had a fun time at the anniversary party and I really enjoyed making goodie bags for the less fortunate. We’ll be doing another packing social in the fall, so be on the lookout for the date.

In June I also announced that I am a summer ambassador for Simply Be clothing. Simply Be is a great brand that is size-inclusive, so they offer clothes, up to size 28. If you haven’t shopped with them before, definitely check Simply Be out. And support me; the more you buy, the better it helps me as an ambassador. Simply Be is offering all my followers 50% off, if you use the code SBSUMMER35 at checkout.

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Last Month's Blog Post Recap

Last month I made two goals because I knew the month was going to be crazy busy. I failed one goal and did great on the other. Can you guess which is which?

  • Get in the gym. Be active.  Definitely was not in the gym. I walked though. Does that count?
  • Complete my series on self-care and mental health. I completed this and even started on some of the social media sharings.


Monthly Goals

This month will be just as busy as last month; I think it will just be a busy summer, but no complaints here. I am in prep mode for the biggest event of the year with my job. Last year I was able to attend the event and observe, but this year I get to be in charge of our expo hall, so I am excited. Imagine 700 exhibitors and 300,000 square feet. It’s gonna be insane. So I will be keeping the goals light again this month, so I don’t go too crazy.

  • Create a doable/reasonable fitness plan. Earlier this week I was diagnosed with a condition that affects my digestive system. After researching the causes of the illness, I found out that lack of exercise and obesity were two main causes. So if there is any reason to exercise, then my health would be that. Being sick and taking a bunch of meds is never fun. The ideal goal would be to work out at least 4 days a week.
  • Cut down on my sugar intake. If I’m going to lose weight, I know I need to give up a little sugar. I love it, so this is going to be a challenge.
  • Meditate more. I’ve found that meditating really help ease some of my anxiety, so I need to do more of this and less stress.
  • More positive self-talk. My goal this year was to step outside of fear and live life a little more. That obviously starts with whatever I feed my mind and say to myself. So rather than allowing doubt and negative thoughts to consume my mind, I will give myself more positive talk.

Last Month's Recap


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