Did you miss part 1 of my recap in Anaheim? You can read all about it here.  When packing for this trip to Anaheim, I knew right away I was going to bring #allThingsEloquii for my outfits during the show. Eloquii is always my go-to for business trips and events because not only is their clothing great for the professional woman, but it’s stylish and fun as well. And since this was my first time running the Expo floor all by myself, I wanted to look the part of a Trade Show Manager. Here’s how day six went:

Day 6 – Tuesday, September 25

Today is opening day for the convention, but before we can get to that, first up is the 5K. I wake up at 4:00 am this day, to be downstairs by 4:45 am. I finally meet Ryan, my Race Director for the first time. Ryan and I spent the last several months talking on the phone and exchanging emails to set up the 5K and make sure we had all the proper permits. Participants start showing up around 5:20 am, along with the event sponsor. Ryan’s team gets them all registered, he let me blow the horn to start the race promptly at 6 am.

IThe race ends by 6:40 am, we announce the winners and I hand out prizes.

Then I get a call to stop by the sign boneyard (the area designated on the expo floor that houses ALL the signs for the entire convention). My goal is to make it back to my hotel room and change into professional attire by 8 am. However, I arrive in the sign boneyard and end up having to drive around the expo floor dropping off signs. I don’t make it back to my room until 8:20 am. Thankfully, I showered earlier that morning, so I literally throw on my dress and blazer and run back to the Expo hall to monitor the last details of getting the hall together, like making sure the carpet decals are installed properly before the Hall opens officially at 10:00 am.

Opening day, I wanted my outfit to be cute and comfortable because I knew it would be a long day.    I choose to wear this printed dress with ribbed cuff because it was flowly and perfect for running around the show floor.

I am so happy I choose this dress because running around is EXACTLY what I did this morning. The Fire Marshall visited our Expo and walked around to make sure we didn’t have any violations. She also walked the floor to make sure that any booths that were two-story had designs that were approved by an engineer and marked safe for occupancy. Of course, there were several booths that did not have the proper paperwork, so we had to go visit each booth to talk to them about the next steps.I ended up walking 22,000 steps that day, so I was HAPPY to finally get a moment to sit once the show floor closed at 6 pm. This dress was perfect because it was flowly and allowed me to move all over the expo floor in comfort. Unfortunately, it is already sold out online, but keep checking back because Eloquii is great about re-stocking.

However, once the event was over, I ran back to my hotel room to change and head to our 80s themed block party at the House of Blues. I normally don’t dance AT all, but something about the band and the 80s music reminded me of my childhood, so I ended the night on the dance floor with a couple of my co-workers.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 7 and check out what I wore for the second day of the convention.


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