Today, I am finishing up the recap of my nine days in California and my behind-the-scenes look at event planning.  You can catch Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the recap on the blog or select the “Event Planner” highlight story in my Instagram bio.  Now let’s get started with day 8, the last day of the convention. This day generally is an easy-going day.

Day 8 – Thursday, September 27

Thankfully, I get to sleep in again this day, at least until 6 a.m. I hopped out of bed, took a shower and then hopped back in bed. Finally, I roused up enough energy to get dressed and made it to our 7 a.m. breakfast. Today, I choose to wear something that I hardly EVER wear, but I think it’s important for every professional woman to have at least one in their closet. What is it? A suit!

In the past, I’ve HATED suits. The jackets are always uncomfortable and tight on my arms, but the moment put this suit on, I knew it was a keeper. Once again, my outfit for the day is from my favorite brand Eloquii and the two pieces I paired together from this suit are from their 9-to-5-Kit. These workwear essentials are designed to mix and match for endless office-ready looks. I choose their 9-to-5 Stretch Blazer in Maritime Blue and the Stretch Work Pants in the same color. I really wanted to choose black but decided to try something different and go with blue.

One thing to note is the length of these pants. I am 5’3″ and initially I ordered these pants in Short. However, they stopped at my ankle and because the material of this suit is thicker than others, I want to be able to wear this suit all year round, winter included, so I exchanged the pants for the Regular length. So if you’re short like me, but don’t want the pants to stop at your ankle, definitely get the Regular length.

The last day of the convention was an easy day, no major issues and not a lot of running around either. Traffic in the Exhibit Hall is lighter and the day ends early at 2 pm. At 2 p.m. the contracted crew comes in to pull up the carpet and by 3 pm the carpet has been all pulled up on the Expo floor. Exhibitors have a short move-out time, so they are moving fast and furious to take apart their booths and move out. I love watching everyone work around me because it’s amazing how it takes exhibitors and my team days to move in and get all set up and how fast the show starts breaking down.

I stick around the hall for another hour after it closes and then I make my way to our staff office to pack up some items. After I’m done in the staff office, I go back to the hall to talk with our freight team about picking up some items that need to be shipped back to our office on the East Coast; then I am free. Notice the big cheesy smile on my face. It’s a look of happiness and a feeling of success for my first big event as a Trade Show Manager for this company. Now I can relax.

The team meets up at 5:30 to go back to Huntington Beach for tacos and a bonfire. I’ve been waiting for this moment ALL week. It’s nice to finally relax after all the hard work is done.

Day 9 – Friday, September 28

It’s my last day in California; hard to believe I’ve been here nine days now. The nine days passed so quickly, I am a little sad the event is over. I meet up with my boss and say goodbye to all the team members who are on early flights and then we had back over to the center. We do one more drive-thru the hall to survey all the booths moving out and see who has left their booth or excess trash behind and then we are out. We take the rest of the time in California to soak up the sun and do a little shopping before both hopping on red eyes back to the East Coast.

Once I arrived back home on Saturday morning, I slept the majority of Saturday and Sunday. It took my body a couple days to catch up on sleep and get back to Eastern Standard Time.

Hopefully, you guys enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at being an event planner. Being an event planner is fun, I love my job, but it’s definitely not for the faint-at-heart or anyone who is lazy.

You can order the blazer I wore by Eloquii here and the pants here. Check my recap of Part 2 and Part 3 to see what else I wore during show days.



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