Each month I share my goals as a way to motivate myself to get things done and stay accountable. Here’s last month’s recap and the next month’s set of goals for my blog, and my personal life. 

Happy May! Is it just me or did April fly by?  April was a busy month. The District Queens and I recorded a podcast with the lovely Deja Perez on a local radio station 93.9 WKYS. As promised, here is the link if you want to listen. We’re talking body confidence and dating while curvy.

Last month I mentioned I would be doing a challenge on the importance of having a good morning routine and how to make over your morning. I’ve postponed the challenge for a couple weeks and here’s why. I have been hearing a lot of friends lately complain about how busy they are and how they always on the grind. They aren’t getting enough sleep because they are trying to accomplish so much in the 24 hours we get every day. So I decided I wanted to share some more information with you  on self-care and the benefits of a good night’s sleep on your health.

Last Month's Blog Post Recap

  • Workout at least three times a week. I failed on this goal. Although, I set the time aside in my schedule, I lacked the motivation. However, with the weather finally being consistently warm, I have been able to get back to my walks a least twice a week.
  • No fries for the next 30 days. Yep, another fail. Although, I managed to not make any homemade fries, I did buy some. And then one of my friends personally hand-deliver you your favorite fries, I think its RUDE not to partake. Don’t you? 
  • Pitch three companies every week of this month. I pitched three companies as planned and guess what, NOT one of them has even opened my email yet. Gotta love email trackers. However, a few brands have worked out to me for collaborations, so not all is lost.

Here’s what I’m working on this month:

Monthly Goals

Walking at least 6 miles a week.

My employer is having a step contest and everyone is broken up into teams. I am determined to help my team win, so my goal is to get at least 5,000 steps a day and walk at least 2 miles a day, three times a week.

Pass three classes towards my CEM certification.

This week I am starting classes to be Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM). The CEM is like having a Master’s Degree or better in my industry, so it’s kind of a big deal. You have to pass 9 classes in order to qualify for the certification and I am taking three this week. So I might be a little quieter than usual on social media because my head will be buried in my course materials.

Last Month's Recap


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What are your goals for this month?



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