Each month I share my goals as a way to motivate myself to get things done and stay accountable. Here’s last month’s recap and the next month’s set of goals for my blog, and my personal life. 

Last Month's Recap

  • Reach 7,500 followers on Instagram. I reached my goal, although it was a little hairy. My follower numbers still seem to fluctuate, but I’m working on maintaining my current followers.
  • Have a successful District Queens event.  If you missed our event, then you definitely missed a GREAT event (if I do say so myself). We had a great turnout, a fun lipstick bar for the ladies to sample custom lipsticks by Lipp and a local henna artist who created fun hand art on us.
  • Resist from eating sugar for at least 30 days. I had the BEST intentions for this sugar detox. However, I started this detox three days prior to my monthly cycle. By day four of the detox I was going through serious sugar cravings and my boss had brought in two boxes of my favorite donuts. I’ve been eating sugar ever since then. 
  • Go to the gym five days a week. I finally made it back to the gym, just not five days a week. My new office has a really great gym that I tried out last week. They have a nice facility with great machines, so I am working on my workout schedule now for the next month.

I basically was 50/50 for my goals this month and not that great at being consistent at blogging. However, there is a good reason for my lack of consistency. I was prepping a lot of recipes to share in the next coming months and I was working on the editorial calendar I created last year to produce an even better, updated 2018 calendar/blog planner. I was also working on some goal articles to kept myself and you motivated for 2018 and working on a gratitude planner. So even though you haven’t heard from me much, I promise you I’ve been working and great things are in store.

Monthly Goals

  • Reach 8,500 followers on Instagram.  I’m at 8,300+, so I am hoping that this next 150 won’t be so hard.
  • Work out three days a week. I know my schedule in the coming weeks is BUSY between events and business travel, so I am being more practical and making S.M.A.R.T. goals. Three days a week is totally doable and I’ve got an accountability partner now to keep me motivated and push me on the days I don’t want to go.
  • Complete 30 days of the Keto Diet. I’m currently researching meal plans and mentally planning and preparing now. Since I failed at my sugar detox last month and I still want to lower my sugar intake, I have decided to try the Keto Diet this month. I really wanted to start today, however, I have a bunch of food at home that isn’t on the list of “allowable foods” and I hate to waste food. Therefore, I’m shooting for the 4th as my start date. I’ll be blogging about it and sharing recipes, so stay tuned.
  • Fully update my 2018 Blog Editorial Calendar/Planner. You can check out this year’s calendar here.
  • Draft my personal, professional and blog goals for 2018.

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So what goals are you working on for the month?

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