Pink is my favorite color, but oddly enough, until recently, I had never owned a pair of pink pants. But that all changed thanks to Simply Be. I saw these cigarette trousers and decided to be a little bold and order them.

I absolutely love these pink pants and will be wearing them a lot. Initially, I was a little worried they would stop at my ankle because the length of them is 27 inches. But lucky me, I’m only 5’3 so these pants come past my ankle.

I also had to get this Women Are Stronger tee from Simply Be because “Who runs the world? GIRLS!”My favorite part about these pants is that not only are they super soft, but the back is elastic, which makes these pants super comfortable. I recently wore a pair of floral wide leg pants from Simply Be and those are just as comfy because those also have an elastic waist. So if you’re a plus size woman, you’ll love these pants.

Shirt – Simply Be | Pants – Simply Be | Sandals – here and here

If you’ve never ordered from Simply Be, have no fear. Their clothing runs true to size, so no guessing which size to order.

If you love these pants as much as I do, You can find them here. If you love the t-shirt, order it now because they only have a few sizes left.

Don’t forget to use my discount code: SBSummer35 to get 50% off your order from Simply Be.



  1. love the color of your pants and how you styled them with more casual shirt

    • Yaya

      Thank you. My next challenge will be to dress these pants up and see how I can wear them in a professional setting