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The way that you treat yourself in your own mind has a lot more significance than most people give it credit for. There are times when people might self-abuse or say nasty mean things to themselves out of habit, but the consequences of this are much farther reaching than they believe. Practicing positive self-talk, on the other hand, has great benefits.

It Can Help You to See Yourself

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you tell yourself? This might be the first time you’ve ever had to think about that question, but it’s one that you should be aware of, and how you answer will make a difference to yourself on a daily basis. Whenever you tell yourself something negative, you’re repeating powerful mantras that can influence everything about your self-esteem and how you see yourself in the world.

Unfortunately, it’s generally going to be a skewed view because we are our own worse critics. This makes it impossible for you to be able to be aware of yourself completely and it blocks you from being open to others.

When you spend your time saying uplifting things about yourself, you’re going to get a more complete picture of who you are. Now, I’m not saying to completely avoid dealing with things you consider to be faults. It just means you see a lot more than those things alone.

 It Gives You More Confidence

Allowing yourself to really see yourself completely helps to boost your confidence. This helps you directly acknowledge the things that are good about you instead of focusing on the areas where you feel that you fall short. Try writing the things you like about yourself on a physical list. Reflect on each aspect and think about the times in your life where those attributes have helped you to overcome something or solve a problem.

You might be amazed at how many ways your natural talents have helped you in life. If you’ve come this far on what you know now, then imagine how well things can go when you’ve continued to learn and improve yourself. Try to see where you will be in the future based on these positive things you’ve discovered.

It Helps You See a Positive Future

Now that you’ve been able to see your great qualities, you’ll be able to recognize how they might be able to help you in the future. Are you a fast learner? Do you solve problems quickly? Having a better outlook will always make it easier for you to see yourself making accomplishments in the future. As you go through life, meet the objection of your inner critic with confident self-talk. Tell that part of your mind to be quiet. Do whatever you need to do to move past momentary doubts.

Another great exercise you can do is to make a vision board. It helps to have visual representations of the things that you want to attain at some point. A new career, home, or vacation can be a long-term goal that you work towards.

It Helps Reduce Stress

Positive self-talk is also really important because it helps you to keep your stress under control. Stress can be paralyzing, but it doesn’t have to be. When you start to feel overwhelmed, pull out a sheet of paper and write down the things you want. Put in a few easier goals that you know you can achieve in the short term and put your energy into crushing those goals. Make sure that you are realistic in the ones that you select.

Getting a few little things done and crossed off your list can do wonders for how you feel about attaining some of your larger goals. Take it all one day at a time. Cross 2 – 3 things of your list and return to some of your bigger goals. You’ll find yourself more relaxed and feeling ready to tackle bigger goals.

It Helps Your Maintain Control Over Emotions

It’s also important to remember that things won’t always be perfect. There can be all kinds of little snags that can push back your timeline for completing things. Try not to panic if things don’t go as planned because when you spin out of control emotionally, things will begin to suffer. Use positive self-talk to remind yourself of how resilient you truly are. Find inspiration in the progress that you’ve made to date. The more practice you have learning to control your emotions, the more success you will have. Just be sure to remain patient and kind to yourself, and you will get there.



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