Growing a blog past the point of a hobby and into a successful business takes a lot of planning. You need a way to keep track of it all! I created this printable blog planner to use in my own blogging business and it really helped me stay consistent. So I know it’s exactly what you need to stay accountable to your goals. I use it weekly to plan my posts.

What does your audience want?

Figure out who your target audience is and what they liked to read and what they want in the future. Then brainstorm how you can help them achieve their goals with the Review Worksheet.

The Review – page 1

Set Quarterly Goals

Setting goals and writing them down helps keep you accountable. Set SMART goals and be specific about them. Having a target date makes you more likely to accomplish those goals.

Blogging Goals – Page 2

Your Email List

Your email list is key to the lifeline of your blog. Evaluate your open rate and ways to grow your list.

Email Lists page 1

Utilize the Email Campaigns sheet to keep your campaigns organized and scheduled in advance. Print as many copies as you’d like to plan out way in advance if that suits you. The Blog Post Planner assists you with creating an outline for your posts and also includes 6-a checklist of all the things you want to do before you publish your post.

Email Campaign Tracker and Blog Post Planner

Plan Your Content

The blog planner includes a Blog Series Planner that allows you to plan out an entire series on one sheet. Creating a series on your blog is great for return traffic and to acquire new subscribers. And the Sponsored Post Tracker helps you keep track of all the important details of a sponsored post like deliverables and hashtags to include.

Blog Series Planner and Sponsored Post Planner

If you’re interested in working with other bloggers, there’s a sheet for that! I’ve created a Collaboration/Pitch Sheet to keep track of your ideas. The Affiliate Program Tracker and Affiliate Post Tracker helps you keep track of your coins.  And speaking of coins, I’ve created three different version of worksheets to track Blog Income and Expenses. I couldn’t decide on one design, so I decide to give you all three.

Click here or the button below to get your Blog Planner and Editorial Calendar to stay motivated all year. 

Blog Planner and Editorial Calendar pages


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