Tomorrow I’m sharing 5 Facts about myself the District Queen’s Instagram page, but I thought it would be fun if I went a little further on the blog and give you an exclusive. I haven’t shared any random facts about myself in a while, so hopefully, you learn something new about me.

1. My all-time favorite movie is Sister Act 2. I’ve probably watched it over 100 times. There was one summer that my cousin visited us and we watched that move over and over and over again. And yes, I will sing ALL the songs.


2. Lobster, lamb, and love are my three favorite L words.

3. My first job was at McDonald’s. I worked the fries (might be why I love fries so much) and then I was promoted to the drive-thru. I loved working the drive-thru.


4. I studied Spanish for four years between high school and college and even did religious studies in Spanish for another 3 years, but I am not fluent. ☹ One day though…

5. My parents love to analyze everything, especially movies, I do not. So, whenever my mom asks, “Why do you think they did….?” I give her this look. And she responds, “Oh I’m not supposed to ask you any questions right?” I say, “RIGHT!”


6. I love tattoos, I have more than 5, but less than 10. If it wasn’t for my mother (she HATES tattoos), I’d probably have half a sleeve. If not half a sleeve, at least 10 tattoos.

7. From the time I was 26 to 36, I worked two jobs. I’m a work-hard-for-what-you-want kinda woman.

8. My dream job was to be a corporate lawyer. I love to argue (but I don’t do it just for the sake of arguing) and I’m good at it, even when I am wrong. I can be 100% wrong and I can still argue my point. See why I would be a great lawyer?

9. I just found out in 2020 that my dad’s family was originally from Mississippi. All my life (40 years), I thought we were just from the Mid-West.

10. My scariest moment in life to date would be last December riding in a helicopter over Las Vegas. NEVER EVER AGAIN. And this happened BEFORE the Kobe Bryant accident. So his accident just solidified my decision to never ride in a helicopter again.

11. My earliest memory of having social anxiety when I was 4-years old at my pre-school graduation. I had to sing a song or recite a poem and I was fine when I had to do it with 2 friends. But then they gave me a solo and I cried my eyes out. I was terrified. Thirty-six years later, that memory is still vivid in my head.

12. My celebrity crush is Reggie Bush. I used to have his picture hanging at my desk at work and he is the reason I started watching football. I mean, look at that body.


13. People who complain a lot REALLY annoy me, especially when they can change their situation, but they just choose to be the victim and keep complaining.

14. I’m most scared of growing old alone. That Drake verse “who the F wants to be seventy and alone” just keeps playing in my head.

15. My first solo trip was to Sedona this past January. The views were amazing. I definitely want to go back.

16. My favorite form of art is dancing; however, I have no rhythm and can’t dance to save my life.

17. If I had 1 hour to live, I’d spend it with my family playing Heads Up.

18. My alcoholic drink of choice is a margarita. Spicy, if possible.

19. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.

20. My worst habit is procrastination. I can do it so well. LOL

Let me know if anything on this list surprised you.


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