At the beginning of every month on Randomly Yaya, I shared my goals as a way to motivate myself and be accountable to someone. I will be continuing to share my goals here and hope that you will share yours as well. We can be accountability partners to each other.

I didn’t make any goals in August because my focus was on the blog rebranding.  However, I did make goals in July that I didn’t exactly meet.

My plan in July was to sit down with a financial advisor and work out a plan for paying off some debt and increasing my savings. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I also wanted to start working out again. I worked out maybe a total of 4 times in August and I can’t even tell you how many times I did in July, but I’m pretty sure it was less than five. However, I did complete the mood board for La Vida Dulce. If you missed it, here’s one of the boards below.


  • Reach 7,000 followers on Instagram. I have been working really hard to work on my Instagram theme and growing my tribe.
  • Complete my Emergency Preparedness series. Having a plan in the event of a disaster or emergency seems like a necessity these days)
  • Set an appointment with a financial advisor.  New salary + financial goals = the need for a professional to help me with my financial plan.

I’d love to add a goal in there about fitness and the gym, but I am traveling two weeks out of the month and don’t really know how my schedule will work for the rest of the month, so we’ll revisit my fitness goals next month. What goals do you have for September?

September Goals


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