Last year, due to my Achilles injury, I was grounded for a few months unable to travel. I definitely made up for that in the latter half of the year. I chasing planes literally. Between July and December, I took about 13-14 different flights. I traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, Austin, Texas, Miami Beach, Florida, Salt Lake City, Utah, Albany, New York, Los Angeles & San Marcos, California, and Las Vegas. Let’s not forget my California tour, where I hit San Diego, Anaheim and San Francisco on the same trip.

This year’s travel plans will be no exception, So like I did a  few years ago, where I shared my travel plans in a post called, She Travels, Travel with Me. I’ll be sharing my travel plans (business & personal) for 2020 below:

San Francisco

My first trip in 2020 will be to “The City by the Bay” aka San Francisco. Many years ago, I used to travel to San Francisco annually for a client that was based there. So it will be good to be back in San Fran for a little shopping, lots of food and work of course. One of my besties also lives in San Fran, so I’ll get to spend a little bit of time with her also when I’m not working.

My First Solo Trip: Sedona

I’ve been wanting to take a solo trip for a while now, but I always chicken out when it comes down to it. However, thanks to the pushing of some friends, I booked my first solo trip for late January and I am going to Sedona. I knew I wanted to go to Arizona and spend some time in a relaxing spa, but couldn’t decide if it would be in Phoenix or Scottsdale. But after my recent trip to Valley of Fire in Nevada, I wanted to get back to nature and the mountains, so Sedona and their gorgeous properties won me over. So be sure to follow me on the Gram, because I will be sharing my time in Sedona.


Next up is Boston. Boston holds a special place in my heart because it’s a city I’ve traveled to often during my younger years. Growing up in Connecticut, a lot of my school field trips were to Boston. And Boston is the heart of Patriots Nation, so I always feel a little closer to the fans and my team when I visit.

New Orleans

I’ve only been to New Orleans once, but this city definitely won me over. I love the culture, the music and of course the food. As soon as I get off the plane, I am heading to get some chargrilled oysters. Chargrilled oysters have been on my mind ever since my first trip to New Orleans. This is another business trip, but I definitely have plans to extend this trip a little longer.


My cousin and I are 10 days apart, so we are both turning 40 this year. Neither of us has taken a cruise, so we decided to take one together later this year. We haven’t booked the cruise yet, but the plan is to visit the Western Caribbean.


I’m really excited to go back to H-Town. I got to check out the city for less than 24 hours last year. My job is holding an event there later this year and I went to check out the venue. However, the trip was so short, I didn’t get to check out all that the city has to offer. I’m nervous about going back in the dead of summer because I melt in the heat, so pray for me.

San Diego

Due to my Achilles injury, I was unable to make my business trip to San Diego last year. This year, I can’t wait to get back there and soak up some sun rays and wake up to water.

Cartegena, Columbia

Cartegena has been on my list of places to visit for the last two years and this year I will finally be able to cross it off my list. My roommate and I are making a trip to Columbia in the first half of this year and I am super excited.



I’ll be making my way back to Anaheim this year for my company’s annual event. Anaheim is a lot of work, but we always find time for food, drinks and fun.


I booked a trip to Aruba on a whim. It’s a planned group trip, but I only know one person that is going on the trip. It will be an adventure, but I’m excited because I’ve never been to Aruba before.

So those are the only trips planned currently. However, there will probably be a few other trips. I want to do a quick solo trip. hopefully at the end of this month. My family and I will probably take a trip sometime this year and I really want to plan a girls trip to Bali. The Bali trip may not happen this year, but I definitely need to start planning it this year.

So stay tuned. Follow me on Instagram and travel with me. You can also follow my travels using the hashtag #travelwithyayar.


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