So we’re almost halfway through the month when I realized that I forgot to post my goals for the month. This post has actually been written since the 3rd, but my work schedule has been so busy. And when I finally get home from work in the evenings either even up having to continue working another couple hours or I don’t even want to touch another computer until the next day. And here we are, on the thirteenth of the month. Just reviewing my goals for the month. #dontjudgeme

Let’s just get into my recap of January’s goals below.

Last Month's Blog Post Recap

Finish My Vision Board

I gave myself the entire month to finish my vision board because I was lacking the images I needed to complete the board. I asked friends for magazines and even attempted to purchase magazines before I realized the prices had increased drastically since the last time I had bought a magazine. Finally, I realized I had a bunch of magazines stacking up at my own desk at work. I was able to finish my board mid-month and now it hangs on my wall opposite my bed. So while I am lying in bed in the morning, I can look over and see my goals for the year.

Create My Bucket List for the Year

I finally completed my 2020 Bucket List after much thought and will be sharing it with you very soon.

Contribute $400 Towards My Savings

Ugh. So I’ve already admitted that saving will be a struggle this year because I hate saving. This month, I decided to take my first ever solo trip to Arizona and paid all cash for it. If you missed my Arizona recap, you can catch all the videos and photos on my Instagram. Just check the “Sedona” highlight on my page. When I returned from Arizona, I also co-hosted a Galentine’s party for a group of bloggers and went over my budget. So although I contributed to my savings, it wasn’t $400.

Plan My First Blogger Event

I’ve been planning this event in my head and making notes of all the things I want to do and how I want the event to look, but I haven’t had time to sit down and craft the email to the venue I want to host my event at. However, I need to send the email ASAP because I know the venue will be opening very soon.

Apply for Global Entry

Another thing on my list that I have not crossed off. I’ve actually been to the application site, started filling out the app and then got distracted and never completed the application. UGH

Clean Out My Closet/Donate/Poshmark

My closet is a WORK IN PROGRESS. I have started sorting through the items inside my closet to decide what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of. Once I go through my closet, I will start with the boxes outside my closet.

Just because I haven’t yet shared my February goals, doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on them. Here’s what I am aiming for this month.

Monthly Goals

Track my spending for two weeks

I got the inspiration from Refinery 29’s Money Diaries to track my spending for two weeks. I think tracking my spending will give me a lot of insight into my spending habits and where I might be able to save additional funds.

Continue to clean out my closet

And get rid of the clothes that I am no longer wearing or can’t fit. I am tired of the clutter and it has to go.

Start organizing my room

Since I moved last July, there has been several boxes sitting in the corner of my room that I never unpacked. I lost some of my storage moving into this new place, so I am FINALLY ordering furniture tomorrow to replace the storage I lost. I can’t wait to unpack these boxes.

Contribute $300 to savings.

I am reducing my savings goal this month because I know I have to purchase a couple of tires for my car and I’m ordering this furniture, so some of my extra money will go towards those necessities.

Continue to plan my first solo blogger event.

I released details to the next event I am participating in here.  But I am working on a solo event as well.  It’s been hard to find time to plan since work has occupied so much of my time, but I gotta make it happen.



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