Happy first day of Summer ’18! I am super excited about the summer because I know it will be a busy one. Every year, I like to do a bucket list for activities I want to try to do in the summer. So here’s my Summer ’18 bucket list.

1. Spend at least one day a month at the beach with my girls.

Unfortunately, we were all too busy to do a June beach day, but July’s beach days is scheduled.

2. Make Vietnamese spring rolls.

I had this on my list last year but didn’t get a chance to do it. So I’m trying again this year.

3. Make boozy fruit kabobs.

Because who doesn’t want to eat spiked fruit at the beach?

4. Attend Jazz in the Gardens at the Sculpture Gardens.

This is on my list every year, but hopefully, I can actually cross it off this time.

5.  Check out the Fun House at the National Building Museum.

It’s part of their Summer Block Party series that they do every year.

6. Visit a new farmer’s market each month.

I haven’t been to the Central Farmer’s Market in a few years and got some really good lamb sausage there. I also want to explore the FreshFarm Downtown Silver Spring Market, I stumbled across it a year ago during a shoot and didn’t really get to explore like I wanted to.

7. Make boozy popsicles.

This raspberry peach bellini popsicle recipe sounds good.

8. Go to an outdoor movie

because DC, Maryland, and Virginia have so many options for outdoor movies. And to make sure I take advantage of them, I’ve made arrangements with a few friends.

9. Check out the Maryland State Fair.

It’s been years since I’ve been to the fair and who doesn’t love fair food?

Do you have on your summer bucket list? If so, what’s on it?




  1. Must add boozy fruit kabob making to my summer bucket list! Also, we haven’t had a chance to hit up the beach yet either. Here’s to hoping we’ll make it there next month.

    • Yaya

      Yes, the beach definitely requires planning, but do it. It’s so fun and relaxing