Coconut Oil Masks for Natural Beauty

Yesterday I shared with you three ways to coconut oil in your natural beauty routine. And today, I want to share a few natural beauty recipes you can use with the coconut oil. If you suffer from a lot of blackheads like me, this recipe will be good for you. Facial Masks Coconut Oil  & Baking Soda Mask For Blackheads This face mask acts as a cleanser, getting rid of dirt and dead skin cells from your pores while helping to brighten your skin instantly. Ingredients: 1 tbsp. coconut oil 1 tsp. baking soda Directions: 1.  Mix coconut oil with 1 baking soda to form a paste. 2.  Apply directly to your skin focusing on areas where blackheads are more common – nose, chin etc. 3.  Rub gently with your fingers in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes. 4.  Wash…