Lovin’ Leopard

I’ve always been a fan of leopard, so I am super excited that it’s on trend right now.  If I could, I’d probably have 50 leopard items, but I have a little self-control. However, Shein has  many great options for leopard if you’re also loving it. I’ll show you some of my faves just in time to take advantage of their Black Friday sell, but can we talk about their Tie-Neck Leopard Top? I love a blouse with a bow, so I couldn’t resist getting this top.  The great thing about the bow, is that the ribbon is attached to the shirt, so there is no chance of losing it . And I have to admit I was a little worried how this blouse would fit my arms, but surprisingly, the sleeves are roomy. As you can see I am all smiles about this blouse. If you’re interested in ordering this…