She Travels, Travel With Me 2020

Last year, due to my Achilles injury, I was grounded for a few months unable to travel. I definitely made up for that in the latter half of the year. I chasing planes literally. Between July and December, I took about 13-14 different flights. I traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, Austin, Texas, Miami Beach, Florida, Salt Lake City, Utah, Albany, New York, Los Angeles & San Marcos, California, and Las Vegas. Let’s not forget my California tour, where I hit San Diego, Anaheim and San Francisco on the same trip. This year’s travel plans will be no exception, So like I did a  few years ago, where I shared my travel plans in a post called, She Travels, Travel with Me. I’ll be sharing my travel plans (business & personal) for 2020 below: San Francisco My first trip in 2020 will be to…