At the beginning of the summer, I shared my fear of wearing white. And throughout the summer I’ve sprinkled a little white into my wardrobe, even recently wearing a white tee to work. Towards the end of the workday, I discovered one small spot on the shirt, but I didn’t freak out. But I know I have completely grown in my feelings towards white when I saw this Grid Longline Coat from Shein and I instantly wanted it.

I immediately started planning all the things I could wear with this coat, but ultimately decided to pair it with another grid print.

I really love how the white and black jacket paired with the black and white skirt look.  I was worried about how the jacket would fit because my arms are a little chunky, but surprisingly the arms of the jacket are very roomy, so I wasn’t tugging at the sleeves all day. I normally wear a size 14 or XL in tops, but I ordered this jacket in 1X.

The skirt is also from Shein and actually comes as a set with a matching top, which you can find here for only $12. The funny thng is, when I purchased this set, I also decided to purchase the leggings in the same print because I knew I wanted to wear them on my trip to California today. So I packed for my shoot the night before and got to the shoot the next day and realized I had brought the skirt and the leggings but not the top.  See my reaction below


Thankfully, I actually had this control Spanx bodysuit in my bag, so I threw that on and called it a day. I think it actually looked great with the White Grid Line coat and skirt and definitely gave it a bit more sexy feel. What do you think?

Overall this White Grid Line Coat was another great find from Shein and you will definitely be seeing it again. You can find the coat here or use the Search ID: 534251.

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