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I am all for designer accessories, however, my wallet and my financial goal are not.  Occasionally, I am able to splurge and buy a designer item or two, but when I’m not, I go for the designer-inspired items. I recently shared on my Insta-stories, how I used to LOVE going to Canal Street in New York City to shop for the fake designer bags. It wasn’t until I bought my first designer bag that I grew a disdain for people who rock these fake bags. I know, it’s odd considering I used to be one of those people, but after I spent my hard-earned money to buy a bag, I just didn’t look at people with fake ones the same anymore.

Since I’m not able to purchase a new Louis Vuitton or Gucci as often as I would like, I’ve started purchasing more designer-inspired bags. You know the bags that look like your favorite designer’s, but for a fraction of the cost. I recently got this Chained Satchel Bag from Target in blue and black once they went on clearance for less than the original price of one. Online the bags are $27.99, but if you are fortunate to find it in a local store, it’s actually $17.49. This bag is pretty similar to the Gucci Sylvie Top-Handle Satchel which retails for about $3,100.

Chained Satchel Handbag – A New Day™

This Target satchel is pretty similar to the Gucci Sylvie Top-Handle Satchel which retails for about $3,100.

Gucci Sylvie Top-Handle Satchel

If you love this bag but are looking for it in a spring/summer color, Aldo has their own version called the Glenda Satchel. I love this bag because it’s the perfect size and so cute and feminine. I’m very tempted to purchase it in this pink color.

Aldo Glenda Satchel

I also love the Chanel Boy bag, but it currently retails for $5,200. I know that price might seem crazy to some of you, but for me it’s an investment. Chanel bags are classic and timeless. Although I do not own one just yet, I do have a couple Boy-inspired-bags. I recently purchased this Quilted Crossbody from Shein and was super pleased when it arrived. The color is an iridescent red and the frame of the bag is pretty sturdy.

Shein Quilted Satchel
Chanel Boy Bag

The Boy Bag comes in various variations with different colors and patches. Shein has their take on a version of the bag with patches their Patch Decorated Crossbody.

Marc Fisher Adalyn Espadrille Wedge Sandals

Moving on from designer-inspired bags, next up is the shoes. The Marc Fisher Adalyn Espadrille Wedge retails for $160.  My pocket wasn’t really feeling that price, so I discovered the Steve Madden Jaylen wedge. They retail for $40, but the only problem is that the cognac color was sold out in my size.

Steve Madden Jaylen Wedge

Thankfully, bae aka Target came through again with the Universal Standard Emery Espadrille Wedge for only $34.99.

Universal Standard Emery Espadrille Wedge

One of my other favorite designer-inspired shoes is these from Steve Madden Antics. They retail for $90., which is a steal compared to the $695 the Balenciaga Race Runners will cost you.

Steve Madden Antics

I actually prefer the design of the Steve Madden sneakers compared to the Balenciagas.

Balenciaga Race Runner Sneakers

So if you’re like me and love designer accessories, but want to be gentle to your wallet, then look for designer-inspired items like the ones above that will leave you slaying the occasion, but with plenty of money leftover.




  1. These are some great dupes! I love fashions for less. Why pay full price when you don’t have to!

    • Yaya

      Thanks. I am always looking for good deals as well that will save me some money