MEvery year I like to pick a word that will resonate with me and will stand as a theme throughout the year. Last year it was hard for me to choose and I didn’t pick my word for the year, which was FEAR until we were two months into the new year. But 2019 was different; I actually had my word picked out in early November.

My Word for 2019


The mindset has become very important to me. I’ve always known that your thoughts affect your actions, but that fact really started to stand out as the year progressed. I started to notice that what I fed into my mind and what beliefs I started to hold true, really affected my actions. When I started to alter my perspective and the way I handled situations, the results started to change as well. So my word for 2019 is: MINDSET.   I plan to continue working on my mindset and help others to improve their own. In November, I completed a Mindset Coaching certification course and I am currently working on a certification for a Confidence Mindset Coach. So I’ll be sharing more information regarding my work as the year continues.

Mantra for 2019

My mantra for the year is something I know I will be saying repeatedly throughout the year.

2019 Quote


My quote for the year is definitely something I will viewing and repeating to myself often because even though I am in training to become a Mindset Coach, I still sometimes need to adjust my own thoughts. But positivity is a choice.HI still haven’t figured out what my theme song for the year will be, but when I do, I’ll make sure I update you. Have you come up with a word for 2019? If so, what is it?


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