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I’m packing for another business trip and wanted to share my travel beauty and hygiene essentials. I usually prefer to check my luggage when traveling because I don’t want to deal with lugging it around in the airport. However, when it comes to my beauty essentials, I pack those in my carry-on. I never want to be caught in a situation where my luggage is lost or my flight is delayed and I am left without the essentials.  And because I travel frequently, I like to keep my toiletry bag always stocked with necessities, so when I’m ready to go on my next trip, they’re already packed.

Here’s a list of beauty essentials to pack when traveling:



  • Kiehl’s Face Wash
    I’m addicted to this face wash and most of Kiehl’s other facial products and come in travel sizes. #winning
  • Alcohol-free Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen
    This is always a necessity, no matter what time of year, no matter what destination, but I will admit I’m guilty of only packing it during the summer or when going to a SUPER sunny destination.


  • Lip balmlip gloss and lip stick
    Chapped lips are never a good thing, so bring options.
  • Eyeliner or brow pencil
    Use your eyeliner as a brow pencil and lip liner if it’s in a lighter shade.
  • Mascara
    You can always find the travel size versions at Sephora and Ulta which are perfect for travel. Just #throwitinthebag
  • Blush
  • Concealer/Foundation
    Concealer is always good for hiding those blemishes and dark circles.
  • Makeup remover wipes
    Confession: Some Most days I don’t feel like washing my face at night, so I use makeup remover wipes to remove my makeup. Once that’s done, I don’t feel so guilty.


  • Clippers and Nail file
    I will be the first to admit I didn’t always travel with nail clippers or a nail file. But after my last trip to the beach where I had a nail break really low into my nail bed, I will always keep these two items nearby.
  • Perfume atomizer
    This is great when you’re traveling with a carry-on or just don’t want to bring your whole bottle of perfume with you.
  • Eye drops
    Traveling between planes and different climate can leave your eyes dried out. Eye drops will keep your eyes moistened and looking alert. They’re also a great way to hide a hangover. If you have allergies, you might want to bring along eye allergy relief as well.
  • Cotton pads (for toner)


  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Leave-in Conditioner
  • Hair oil


  • Curling Iron
  • Flat Iron
  • Hair brush & comb
  • Hair ties/Hair bands
  • Hair Protection
    • Shower cap
    • Sleeping cap/wrap

Bonus tip: If you subscribe to any beauty boxes, check your stash and see what travel size products you already own. I had a couple of Target beauty boxes lying around which helped greatly when I was gathering all my beauty and hygiene products.


I’m my mother’s child, so I like to wipe down everything in my hotel room.


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