Like most of the world, I’ve been spending most of my time for the last month indoors. Outside of the two weeks I had to take PTO, I’ve been working Monday – Friday, so I do my best to get dressed every day. I do this mainly to keep some sense of normalcy, but also, I have a daily Teams video call with my department, so I can’t show up in pajamas. In the past month, I have probably put on maybe 5 times and two of those times were to shoot content for the blog. I still do my hair every day, but it’s rare that I will throw on any jewelry (unless I’m shooting). Most days, whatever I’m wearing is something I feel cute or comfortable in. Check out the five things I’ve been wearing on repeat while staying at home.


I am OBSESSED with these Memory Foam Slippers.  I wore them all the time at home, so naturally, I had to pack them to stay at home at my parents. They are cute and comfy and come in a few different colors, but if bows aren’t your thing, you can check out other slippers by UltraIdeas.


I love a good tank dress because it’s easy to just slip on and stay in all day. Plus if you have a  zoom meeting, you can easily dress it up with a sweater or blazer. I can’t remember where I bought my tank dress, but you can find similar ones here (this one comes in a variety of colors and goes up to 1X) and here.  If you’re plus-size like me, I’ve got you covered here, here and here.


I love leggings and wear them often, so I packed a couple of pairs because I knew they would be good to lounge around in while staying at home, but this pair from Costco has been a fast favorite for me. They are soft, comfortable and I feel like they make my tummy look smaller.


I usually go to the store once a week and most of the time it’s a trip to Trader Joes to stock up on food for lunch and some drinks and whenever I go out, I seem to be wearing the same tie-dye sweatsuit. I also love NY& Company’s sweater jogger pants and I’m so mad I left mine at my home in Maryland. I really love this snakeskin print sweatshirt which leads me to the last item I’ve been wearing on repeat.


I picked up a pair of black cargo joggers from the Gap Outlet right before I flew to North Carolina to stay at my parent’s house. I didn’t really need the pants, but I figured they would be great to just lounge around in and I was right. This has been another item I am wearing on repeat these days. The denim version of these joggers is on sale and I’m thinking about ordering them as well.

So what have you been wearing? Are you staying in pjs all day or getting dressed?

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