This morning as I was preparing my post for Instagram, I realized that I had completely forgotten to write my fashion post for this week. Since I was out of the office for the majority of last week, I’ve had my head buried in work trying to catch up this week.

You may remember recently I posted an outfit I called Red Hot which was a  red blazer, leather shorts and red boots from Target. The boots also came in pink and since Pink is my favorite color, I had to get them.

The wind was blowing and would not let me be great and my hair kept getting in the way.

If you follow me on Instagram then these shorts probably look familiar (which also reminds me to share the other ways I’ve styled these. So these shorts were actually skinny jeans I purchased from Kohls. The good thing is that these jeans also come in plus size, which you can find here.  I LOVE Simply Vera jeans, however, I had worn these a lot and they started to rip in the back thigh area, so I decided to just make them into distressed shorts. So a few cuts here and there,  and a couple strokes of the sandpaper, here is what I ended up with. As much as I loved the jeans, I love the shorts even more, so you will be seeing me in them a LOT this summer.

Shirt – Rainbow | Shorts – Kohl’s | Boots – Target | Sunglasses – Target Dollar Bin

My embroidered top is from Rainbow. I don’t shop their often, but they have really inexpensive and cute sandals, so I stopped in recently to check out their inventory and found this shirt. It’s currently on sale and available still in a 1X. I am actually wearing a 2X because I wanted it to be a little roomier. If you like the pattern, they also have it in a Maxi Top,   a kimono and a blouse.

On Saturday, I wore this outfit to an event, but since it was so hot outside, I had to pair it with some black sandals instead. And as you can see I am rocking one of the Target bags, I recently blogged about.


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