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With natural disasters and acts of terrorism popping up more and more, every home and car should contain at least a basic emergency kit if something catastrophic does happen. Your basic kit should include everything you need to ensure your survival for several days or until help arrives. Even if you believe that nothing will ever happen to necessitate using such a kit, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to you and your family’s safety.

The Very Basics

At the very least, every home should have a few basics that will be helpful in the event of a power outage of any sort, especially if you are unable to leave your home due to weather or safety reasons.

A good flashlight with long battery life and a small, battery-operated or hand-cranked weather radio are essential if you lose power.

Ready for Anything

If a disaster occurs in your own home, there are tools and items that can be used for a multitude of tasks. If a disaster strikes you need to leave your home, you want to be ready for that too.  A good knife is can come in handy in a variety of different ways. A wrench or pair of pliers is handy if you need to turn off utilities in an emergency.

  • A multi-use tool (such as a Leatherman or Swiss army knife)
  • Weather protection: sunscreen, hats, rain jackets, etc.
  • Communication items (such as a portable radio)
  • Map (internet and cellular service could be disrupted)
  • A plan

Planning Ahead

Knowing where to go or what to do in an emergency is perhaps more useful than almost any item in your survival kit. Planning ahead means having your survival kit at the ready, having a primary and secondary plan for where to go if you have to leave your home, knowing basic first aid and how to read a map or use a shortwave radio, and other general basic knowledge.  Having a plan largely increases the odds of survival for just about anything that comes along.

The Importance of First Aid

Having a survival first aid kit is another super important key factor that absolutely should not be overlooked. You can download a Basic First Aid Kit Checklist here. Be sure to add items according to the personal needs of yourself and your family, such as EpiPens, pain relievers, and extra medications.

Other Survival Kit Options

Having a battery-powered or crank radio like a NOAA Weather Radio is important if you lose power or have to remain mobile during a disaster.

Preparing for a disaster is a necessary part of living a responsible life. You want to hope that such an event never occurs, but be prepared for anything to keep your family safe. If you don’t have one already, start building your survival kit today.

What Every Emergency Kit Should Contain




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    • Yaya

      Yes girl knowledge is power and having a plan is key with all these disasters popping up