February without a doubt is the month of love. Many people choose to only focus on showing love to their significant other. This month, I want to challenge you to focus on your most important relationship of all: the relationship you have with yourself. Focus on self-love. Self-love simply means to fully accept and allow your true, natural self. Self-love is to embrace the unique being you are and fully express the unique energy that represents the very core of your being.

When you love yourself, your life seems to work a little differently. Self-love helps you elevate your self-confidence and self-esteem. Self-love gives you the ability to grow stronger mentally and improve your relationships with others. Health and happiness will start to come naturally.

Taking time for self-love and self-care isn’t selfish at all. Because you are your best caretaker and the way that you love yourself, teaches others how to love you. You know your physical and mental limits, you know what stresses you out most, you know what calms you down, you know what exercise and diet your body agrees with. The important thing is to take time out to listen to the things your body tells you.

When you truly love yourself, you are attentive to your own needs.

I am starting a 10-Day Self-Love Challenge on February 11 and I would love for you to join me. Sign up below to start showing yourself a little more love.


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