Even though it is officially Fall on the East Coast, the weather is constantly changing. We wake up to 40-degree weather and by the afternoon it’s in the low 70s. In addition to making changes in my wardrobe, with layers that I can remove throughout the day, I’ve also switched up my skincare routine to accommodate the cooler temperature. Check out these seven tips to transition your skincare for winter.

Protect with SPF

Your skin is still vulnerable to UV damage during the fall too. Even though UVB rays are not as strong in autumn, they can still cause skin cancer and premature wrinkles. It’s vital to use protection on your face, neck and any exposed chest area to help shield from direct sunlight. In the winter time,  the sun can reflect off the snow and lead to sunburn and additional harm to exposed skin.

Heavier Moisturizer

A lightweight moisturizer is good for most skin types in the summer, but when the weather begins to cool down, it is important to apply something a little heavierA heavier moisturizer helps to prevent moisture loss and protect your skin from the harsh, cold air. When the temperature plummets, you will likely experience dry, flaky skin (I do and I hate it). Look out for moisturizers that have been formulated with hydrating ingredients essential oils and/or glycerin for best results.  Also, hydrate your body by drinking the daily recommended amount of water.


Scrubbing off dead skin helps fresh skin cell turnover and instantly makes your face look brighter. Exfoliating is also essential to reducing breakouts since it removes the dead skin cells that trap oil (insert praise hands). Regular exfoliation will help to lift skin discoloration (such as sun spots and acne scars), remove dull, tired, dry skin and encourage fresher, plumper cells to form.


Toners that are alcohol-free are a perfect way to give your skin the water and hydration it so desperately needs with the cooler Fall temperatures. Use an alcohol-free toner over the skin after cleansing and immediately apply serum or moisturizer while it’s still damp to seal in the hydration and active ingredients.

Use using a hydrating mask at least once a week for extra care.

winter skincare

Protect Your Lips

Give your lips some extra love in the winter. The cold, dry air causes our lips to chap easily, so it’s important to keep them moisturized.  A rich balm with a combo of natural oils and waxes nightly to fend off flakes and chapping.

Use Lukewarm Water and Moisturize Immediately Afterwards

Hot showers and baths always feel good in the winter (#addicted),  but the hot water and cleansers you use wash away your skin’s natural oils. Reduce the temperature in your shower and when you’re washing your face or hands to avoid stripping as many oils away from the skin.

After you’ve washed up,  apply moisture to damp skin; this helps seal that dampness into the skin. Keep a bottle near the bathtub, shower stall, and at every sink and use liberally every time you wash.

Soothe Your Souls

Just because you’ve packed away your sandals for the winter, that doesn’t mean your feet should now be neglected. Apply a moisturizing cream to your feet before you slip on socks to soften them all day.

Now is also a great time to go through all your makeup and skin care products and toss out anything that you aren’t using or that is outdated. Old and outdated products can harbor bacteria and lose their effectiveness.

Make sure you check the dates on your products. You may want to throw away the following:

  • Anything past the expiration date
  • Products that appear dry or crusty
  • Anything that has changed consistency, color, or smell
  • Anything with an SPF older than one year (SPF loses its effectiveness over time)
  • Mascara older than three months. (Always toss it after three months, regardless of how much there is remaining.)
  • Old and dirty makeup brushes and sponges

winter skincare


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