Going to the gym is one of the best ways to get fit, but if you’re a newbie, the whole thing can feel slightly overwhelming. Does everyone around you seem to have a ton of thing with them? From mats to water bottles, you seem to be lacking things but you’re not sure which of them are truly essential and which are there only for showing off. Well luckily, we’re here to help out. If you’re eager to make the best of your workouts then you’ll need some essentials, so here’s a list that should help you get started.

Socks and sneakers

Your old Chucks just won’t cut it – you need something with good arch support that will keep your ankles stable and feel comfortable even after hours of wear. There are different types of sneakers and you definitely don’t need anything too expensive but do make sure that the soles are thick enough to lessen the impact of exercise on your joints. You should also grab some good socks – acrylic materials are better than cotton because they don’t retain moisture and won’t cause as much chafing or blistering.


Compression clothing

While the gym is hardly the place where you have to worry about looking glamorous, let’s be honest here – most of us are working out because we want to look good. Looking hot while you’re on the treadmill is not a necessity, but it sure helps motivate you to keep your goal in mind. With high-quality compression clothing, you really get the best of both worlds: a sleek, sexy appearance and an increased blood flow that will make your workouts more efficient. With good leggings and a t-shirt that fits you like a glove and help you exercise for longer, you’ll be eager to slip into your workout gear and get moving every day.

Sports bra

Ladies, please, for the love of all that is good and holy, do not exercise in your shabby old bras. Your breasts need better support! You don’t want to end up with back pain and sagginess, and besides, training bras are really comfy and super cute.

A water bottle

Can’t really do without this. You absolutely need to stay properly hydrated throughout your whole workout, and a water bottle is something you should always keep in your gym bag.

MP3 player

It’s always easier to exercise with some good tunes to motivate you, so while an MP3 player is technically optional, it can really help make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. We also recommend that you get an armband or a waist belt that you can attach it to, so you wouldn’t have to keep holding it in your hand.

Towels and toiletries

You’ll definitely need a towel, especially if you plan to take a shower at the gym. Other things that you should bring are soap, shampoo, flip-flops, hair clips and hair ties, and some lip balm.


A homemade granola bar or a protein shake is more than enough. Keep something small in your bag to snack on after you’re done with your workout to replenish your strength and curb your appetite.

And the last thing you’ll really need is good mood and motivation! It’s very important to make your gym time enjoyable because figuring out what kind of workout suits you and having fun while you exercise is exactly the thing that will make you keep coming back regularly.


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